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Due to indeterminate quality concerns with RADCALC, use of this software for DOE Certificate applications must include verification and validation documentation of RADCALC results.

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Welcome to RAMPAC, the US Department of Energy's all-in-one source for information on RAdioactive Materials PACkages certified by the DOE, NRC, and DOT.  RAMPAC includes up to date information regarding:

  • Tracking and Monitoring Technology
    • ACTS - Authenticatable Container Tracking System
    • ARG-US - A remote tracking and monitoring system for packages
      • Evigia Systems, Inc. - Technology transfer and licensing agreement with Evigia Systems, Inc. for sale of ARG-US
    • Traveler - ARG-US Traveler a battery powered device for tracking and monitoring RAM conveyances
    • RAMM - Remote Area Modular Monitor for nuclear and spent fuel storage facilities
    • CommBox - All-in-one robust, compact - GSM/GPS module, Qualcomm gear, reader, and disposable batteries
    • Related Papers and Links

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