Active DOT Special Permits with DOE as Holder

The table below lists all active DOT special permits (formerly called exemptions) with the Department of Energy as holder.  Click on the hyperlink to view the exemption.  Contact the Special Permits Manager for additions or corrections.

NOTE: color-coded dates indicate expiration during the next twelve months

Special Permit
Authorization Letter with 
 Expiration Date

DOE Field Point of Contact for the Special Permit Application to DOT Summary
14267 Letter
William Haver (OREM) 
Authorizes the transportation in commerce of fissile uranium contaminated equipment containing up to 252 grams of uranium-235.
14283 Letter
Russell McCallister (EMCBC) 
Authorizes the transportation in commerce of non-DOT specification bulk packages containing uranium mill tailings and debris with low levels of radioactivity from the former Atlas uranium processing facility in Moab, Utah and vicinity locations to a DOE owned disposal facility near Crescent Junction, Utah.
 21072 Included with SP
 William Haver (OREM) 
Authorizes the transportation in commerce of radioactive materials in alternative packaging.
 21235 Included with SP
 Brandon Reyes (ORP) 
Authorizes the transportation in commerce of certain Class 7 materials in alternative packaging.


Updated October 27, 2022 

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