Guidance for use of DOE Certified Packages
and Packages where DOE is the Certificate Holder
(updated 7/​6/2016 )

The "use" of Department of Energy (DOE) certified Type B ​or fissile radioactive material packages and packagings includes all requirements from Chapter 7 (Package Operations) and Chapter 8 (Acceptance Testing and Maintenance Program) of the Safety Analysis Report for Packaging (SARP), and conditions in the DOE Certificate of Compliance (CoC).  A package "user" who performs these required activities must therefore be registered with the DOE Headquarters Certifying Official (HCO) and have a Quality Assurance Program Description (QAPD) approved by the HCO, prior to use of the package. 

The following conditions apply to Type B and fissile packages certified by DOE:

Consignors and consignees of packages shall be registered users.  Since the consignee is opening the package according to the SARP/CoC, they are a "user" too.

Only DOE or persons working under contract to DOE shall consign a DOE certified package for shipment.

NRC licensees or Agreement State licensees shall not consign a DOE certified package for shipment, but can transfer the material on-site to DOE or persons working under contract to DOE, for consignment of the package.  ​See NRC legal interpretation: Transfer by an NRC Licensee of Radioactive Material or of Radioactive-Contaminated Facility Components to the Department of Energy External Link(External link to NRC website)

The following process outlines DOE guidance for the user registration process:

A.  Prerequisites
  1. The user must have a QAPD approved by the HCO.

    Click here for QAPD status and here for QA Approval Program information.   User registration forms will be placed on-hold until the user's QAPD is approved (conditional or full).

  2. The user must have written permission (letter/memorandum or email) from the Headquarters (HQ) or Operations/Field/Site Office certificate holder to use the package.

    Click here  for HQ, Operations/Field/Site Office certificate holder points of contact (POC).

    Prerequisite steps 1 and 2 also apply to a user whom wants to register with DOE to use a package certified by NRC, where DOE is the certificate holder (e.g., TRUPACT II).   Click here  for HQ, Operations/Field/Site Office certificate holder points of contact (POC) of NRC certified packages.
B.  Initial Actions
  1. Complete the user registration form.

  2. Submit the registration form and certificate holder permission documentation, by email (in pdf) to the Packaging Certification Program (PCP) Docket Manager.  If the user is a DOE Contractor, the user must include their applicable DOE (Program/Site/Field Office) representative on the email distribution.

  3. The Docket Manager will verify the user is working under a valid QAPD, and has submitted complete documentation.  If approved, the user will be notified by the Docket Manager and added the Registered User Listing.  If the user's documentation is insufficient, the Docket Manager will notify the user with the basis for rejecting the documentation and information needed for approval.
C.  Final Actions
  1. After the user is approved and added the Registered User Listing, it is incumbent on the user to obtain, from the certificate holder POC, the documentation necessary to use the package in accordance with the SARP and DOE CoC.

  2. The user shall notify the Docket Manager, by email, of changes to their user status (e.g., contact information, termination of user status, etc)
For questions or comments contact DOE PCP Manager, Dr. Shuler, (301) 903-5513,

Office of Environmental Management

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