Guidance for DOE Use of NRC Certificates

This guidance applies only to DOE and DOE Contractors

This guidance does NOT apply to any company that has a contract with the DOE, but is licensed by the NRC and has a QA program approved by the NRC.  (See 10 CFR Part 71.0, Purpose and scope and 10 CFR Part 71.3, Requirement for license.)  The company conducts operations under its license with the NRC and is subject to audits by the NRC.

The authority of a DOE contractor to transport hazardous material under NRC license or deliver hazardous material under NRC license to a carrier for transport comes from the specific contract with the DOE. The DOE also approves each contractor's QA program and audits the contractor for compliance with both approved QA program and the NRC requirements of 10 CFR 71.

DOE and DOE contractors may utilize an NRC Certificate only if the DOE is either the "certificate holder" or a "registered user" of the NRC Certificate. To determine if DOE is either a certificate holder or registered user of an NRC Certificate, see Points of Contact.

  • DOE is a Certificate Holder: The prospective User must contact the DOE and/or the DOE contractor listed in the table, to determine availability of packaging(s) fabricated in compliance with the specific Certificate and to obtain the required documents to utilize the NRC Certificate.
  • DOE is a Registered User: The prospective User must contact the certificate holder to obtain packaging(s) and documentation necessary to utilize the NRC Certificate.
  • DOE is not Certificate Holder or Registered User:  The prospective User must submit a request to Manager, Packaging Certification Program (PCP) via his respective DOE field office, asking the NRC to add DOE as a registered user.  PCP will forward the request to the NRC, will notify the DOE field office when DOE has been registered as a user, and will update the Points of Contact page accordingly.

Registration with the Packaging Certification Program prior to use an NRC Certificate:  DOE Orders require DOE and DOE contractors who plan to utilize DOE Certificates to register with PCP prior to first use. PCP highly recommends that those who intend to utilize NRC Certificates register similarly.

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