DOE Packaging Certification Program
Assist Team Charter

The Department of Energy (DOE) Packaging Certification Program (PCP), per DOE Order 460.1D, Section 5. a., is responsible to administer a DOE program for certification of fissile and Type B packagings, which includes providing guidance for the preparation of Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging (SARP).  The PCP charters applicant assist teams from DOE National Laboratories to work in an advisory role with DOE SARP applicants and the PCP designated technical review team.  The assist team functions as an independent third party, and is free to interface with both the applicant and review team, to focus on programmatic and technical issues relevant to specific packaging certification concerns.  The PCP teams can provide technical assistance, as needed, to the applicant in transportation operations, QA, reviews and confirmatory analysis to ensure safe, compliant DOE shipments of radioactive materials.

To request assistance with a DOE SARP application, please call:

Dr. James M. Shuler
Manager, DOE Packaging Certification Program
(301) 903-5513

Updated February 1, 2018

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