DOE Exemption Process

Contractor Requirements Document (CRD) Attachment 1, Step 10. in DOE Order 460.1C Packaging and Transportation Safety, requires each contractor that is not otherwise subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) and wishes to conduct activities thatare not in accordance with the requirements of this CRD, then the contractor must applyto the responsible Head of Operations Office or the Field Office/Site Office Manager forprocessing through the Headquarters Certifying Official (HCO) for a DOE exemption.  Below are the summarized steps of Exemption Process.

  • Exemptions/Equivalencies for DOE Order 460.1C, see paragraph 3.c. of the Order

    1. Exemption application must be prepared in accordance with the procedures in 49 CFR 107.105(c) and (d). External Link   The application and supporting documentation must demonstrate a level of safety equivalent to that required by this Order, that is, the application shall demonstrate that the overall level of safety in transport for these shipments is at least equivalent to that which would be provided if all the applicable requirements had been met by regulations.
    2. Exemption request and application submitted to the HCO  by the responsible Head of Operations Offices or Field Offices/Site Offices Managers.
    3. Exemption application and supporting documentation reviewed by the DOE Packaging Certification to confirm equivalent safety. The review is documented in a Safety Evaluation Report (SER).
    4. Exemption decision by the HCO is issued in writing in accordance with paragraph 5.a.(8) of the Order.
    5. Exemptions typically issued for 2 years, with optional extended.

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