Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any general guidance that explains the content/use of the RAMPAC website?
Qualified Yes.  Although more of an introduction to RAMPAC for those who have never been to the website (and certainly not a user's manual), a paper presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management offers some of this information.

Can the sum of all current certificate files be searched directly?
No.  Nearly all certificate files consist of images of the text pages, and do not include searchable text.

Results from searching the online database don't include a package that I know is currently certified.  What's wrong?
Most likely cause is a spelling error.  The online database is an application of MS-Access software.  As in all non-fuzzy search systems, spelling is paramount (e.g., the letter "O" is not the same as the number "0").  If searching via Package Model Name, that too, must be spelled correctly.  For example, data from the TRUPACT-II certificate can be found by searching for "TRUPACT" but not by searching for "TRUPACK"

How can I find information on a package that is no longer certified?
Contact the Docket Manager for assistance.

Does the RAMPAC Webpage Search include PDF files?
Not at this time.  The vast majority of PDF files available on RAMPAC are some type of license like a Certificate of Compliance or Competent Authority Certificate, etc.  Very few of these files are text-searchable.

I understand that as of October 1, 2008, I can no longer transport radioactive material in a DOT Specification packaging (e.g., 6M).  What packaging alternatives are available, and who do I contact for more information?
At the time of this writing, three DOE alternatives are planned and two are now certified for some radioactive material contents.  They are the ES-3100 and the 9977 to be followed soon by the 9978.  Certificates can be downloaded from the Certificate Retrieval page and contact information can be found on the Points of Contact page.  Please recognize that the October 1st termination date also applies to some DOE-certified and some NRC-certified packagings, see the October 1, 2008 Summary for specifics. Contact the Docket Manager for more assistance.

RAMPAC patrons can register to receive email notification of website updates.  Can these email notifications include certificate updates?
No.  RAM packaging certificates in general are processed (created, revised or terminated) virtually every day.  However, the responsibility for compliance with the applicable certificate(s) remains with the radioactive material shipper.  Experienced shippers will always check the Certificate Retrieval page for the most recent certificate.  Would you be willing to trust the absence of an email notice as substantiation that the package certificate has not changed? Consider 10 CFR 71.100.

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