Docket Timelines

as of May 19, 2017
Docket Actions Applicant DOE PCP and HCO Comments
Docket: 1​6-0​​​8-9601
Package Name: ​​CASTOR
Request: Revision of DOE CoC and DOT CAC

Docket opened. 

SRO is the sponsor of this docket. 
Funding authorized for LLNL review.
Received funding from GNS.
Funding confirmed by LLNL
LLNL review of transport cradle revision.
Request for amendment to DOT on hold pending issuance of the initial CAC
 On hold.
Resume work        2/17/2017  CAC 0808 approved for Docket 15-06-9601. 
Requested latest Operations Manual from GNS         2/20/2017,
Waiting on GNS.  
GNS to submit latest Operations Manual for PCP review TBD        GNS stated on 4/13/2017 the submittal is delayed due to new security regulations in Germany.
Docket: 1​6-​​23-0000
Package Name: ​​N/A
Request: Technical Support for AMWTP P&T Solutions

Docket reserved.
Reserved per PCP Manager.
Docket opened. 

EM-4.21 (formerly EM-30) is the sponsor of this docket. Scope is to request evaluate P&T solutions.  SRNL assigned task by PCP.
SRNL to draft technician analysis for EM Sr. Management


Schedule date from AMWTP Work Plan.
On 9/7/2016 PCP received Pre-decisional Draft for comment 
Comments submitted. Task complete.
SRNL funded by EM-4.21 for support   10/17/2016      Complete. 
On ​12/22/2016 PCP received revised Pre-decisional Draft for information   12/22/2016       Complete.
On 1/5/2017  received a copy of the WIPP/WGA for reference   1/5/2017       Complete.
Per PCP Manager, waiting of DOE Sr. Management to sign the final report.      4/11/2017     Waiting on Sr. Management approval. 
Docket: 1​6-​​28-9516
Package Name: ​9516
Request: Revision to DOE CoC for content revision

Docket reserved.
Reserved to collect information.
Docket opened. 

NE-75 is the sponsor of this docket. Scope is to review SARP addendum. 
Application sent to PCP for review, pending submittal letter from NE-75

Waiting on NE-75. 
Received submittal letter and NE-75 funding memo
Status update
Tentative start date for review team is 9/6. 
Conference call scheduled
Conference call action items issued
Received responses to action items    10/19/2016      Complete. 
Received paper copy and disk (dated 11/23)   11/30/2016      Complete.
Received Q1        1/9/2017  Complete.
Conference call to clarify Q1        1/13/2017  Complete. 
Received revised Q1        1/19/2017  Complete. 
Q1 issued        1/24/2017  Complete. 
INL submitted proposed Q1 response.    1/31/2017      Complete. 
PCP review team concurred with proposed response.        2/3/2017  Complete. 
Received Q1 responses and SARP page changes.    2/21/2017      Complete. 
Received TRR form ANL.        4/28/2017  Complete. 
Complete SER draft      5/5/2017  5/10/2017  Complete.
Submit SER and CoC draft to ANL for review.       5/10/2017  Complete. 
Revised SER and CoC to remove FSO can as a package component and sent to ANL for review.        5/18/2017  Complete. 
Docket: 16-​​​3​8-9168
Package Name: ​8-120B
Request: ​Request to revise DOE CoC

Docket opened
​ID/Atkins Global (EnergySolutions) request to revise the CoC for Idaho Cleanup contents.
Received SARP addendum     12/31/2016      Complete. 
Draft Q1s issued        2/3/2017  Complete. 
Q1s issued        2/8/2016  Complete. 
Submit Q1 response schedule.   2/28/2017  2/23/2017     Complete. 
Submitted partial draft response to Q1s    2/23/2017,
Received latest SAR from EnergySolutions.    4/6/2017    4/6/2017  Information needed for Adkins to complete their Q1 responses.  
Received final Q1 draft responses from Adkins    4/11/2017      Complete.
Received final draft of Ch 5 from Adkins.     4/20/2017     Complete, pending formal submittal. 
SRNL accepted proposed Q1 responses.        4/20/2017,
pending formal submittal. 
Adkins to obtain concurrence/approval from the certificate holder, EnergySolutions, on final submittal.  5/12/2017  5/16/2017      Complete. 
Submit formal Q1s  3/10/2017,
5/16/2017      Complete.

Docket: 16-40-9519
Package Name: SAFESHIELD 2999A
Request: Revision of DOE CoC for Design Change to LMP Capsule
LANL to submit Application to PCP. 9/30/2016   10/24/2016     Docket opened 10/14/2016 (replaces Docket 14-44-9519)
Conference call with Applicant & ANL 11/1 to address funding. 11/1/2016               11/1/2016     Complete.
ANL to provide cost estimate.       11/1/2016  Complete. 
SC-26.2 to fund review.  12/31/2016         
Received revised SARP.    12/14/2016      Complete.
Q1s issued.      2/17/2017  2/24/2017  Complete.
Received Q1 responses.    3/24/2017      Complete. 
Requested input/output files supporting the applicant's shielding calculation.         4/6/2017  Complete. 
Received applicant's i/o files.  4/14/2017  4/10/2017      Complete. 
Docket status call with ANL.         4/24/2017 Complete.  
Received TRR from ANL.       5/12/2017   Tentative date.
Docket: 1​6-​4​5-​93​15
Package Name: ​​ES-3100
Request: Revision ​of DOE CoC for Extended Maintenance

Docket opened. 

NA-233 is the sponsor of this docket. Scope is to amend DOE CoC for SARP Rev 2 changes.
Received SARP from Y-12


Schedule Y-12 presentation of the SARP changes to ANL in October.
  10/13/2016      Meeting scheduled for 10/25.
Pre-review meeting with Y-12 at ANL.    10/25/2016    10/25/2016  Complete. 
Scope revised to review SARP for extended maintenance only.    11/1/2016      Complete.  Docket 17-05-9315 opened for content changes and revised shielding evaluation.
Applicant requested priority on Docket 17-05-9315    3/20/2017      Complete. 
Docket: 17-0​5-​93​15
Package Name: ​​ES-3100
Request: Revision ​of DOE CoC for Content Changes
Docket opened. 

NA-233 is the sponsor of this docket. Scope is to amend the CoC for content and shielding analysis for ​only turnings, ​fines, and ​powders
Review to commence following completion of Docket 16-45-9315

  Priority changed by applicant's request.
Applicant requested priority on this Docket ahead of 16-45-9315    3/20/2017      Complete. 
Received formal priority request for this docket from NA-23    4/5/2017      Complete.
Docket status call        4/24/2017  Complete. 
Received TRR from ANL      5/28/2017    Tentative date. 
Docket: 17-0​​8-​0000
Package Name: ​​Pu Cylinder
Request: IAEA Special Form Certificate

Docket opened. 

OR Site Office is the sponsor.  Docket opened ​1/31/2017.
OR Site Office submit Application to PCP.
Comments sent to ORNL.       2/1/2017  Complete. 
Received revised application.    3/10/2017      Complete. 
Comment sent to ORNL with respect to double encapsulation.        3/10/2017  Complete. 
Received revised application.    3/15/2017      Complete. 
Submitted request to DOT.        3/15/2017  Complete. 
Notified by applicant that some isotopes were omitted from the application.   3/15/2017      Complete. 
Notified DOT to stop work until the corrected application can be resubmitted.       3/16/2017  Complete. 
Received corrected application.    3/20/2017      Complete. 
Submitted revised request to DOT.         3/27/2017  Complete. 
Requested status from DOT.        4/7/2017  DOT expects to start their review by 4/30. 
Received comments from DOT and forwarded to ORNL.       4/20/2017  Complete. 
Revise application to respond to DOT comments   5/15/2017       Open action item.
Docket: 17-0​​​9-​​9979
Package Name: ​​9979
Request: Request to revise DOE CoC

Pre-application meeting SRNL and ANL    1/25/2017     1/25/2017 Complete.
Docket reserved. 

SRNL request (SR sponsor) to approve alternate gasket material.
Received advance copy of the submittal.
  Waiting on SR concurrence.
​Sent advance copy of the submittal to ANL       2/​3/2017  Waiting on SR concurrence. 
Received formal submittal memo from SRO    3/6/2017      Memo dated 3/3.  Complete. 
Recevied email request for priority on this docket due to procurement lead times.    3/31/2017      Complete. 
Requested revised drawing and effected SARP page changes from the applicant.        4/6/2017  Complete. 
Sent informal questions to the applicant for clarification.       4/10/2017  Complete. 
Applicant responded to the informal questions.    4/11/2017      Complete.
Q1s issued       4/13/2017  Complete.
Received advance copy of Q1 responses from SRNL.    4/26/2017      Complete. 
Received Q1 responses from SR.     5/19/2017      Complete. 
Docket: 17-​10-​​9​330
Package Name: ​​ATR-FFSC
Request: Request to revise NRC CoC

Docket opened. 

INL (NA-231 sponsor) revision to add more packages to the conveyance.
Waiting on SER for Docket 16-35-9330 to proceed with submittal.
2/28/2017  Change of plans.​
SAR Rev 13 submitted to NRC    2/28/2017      Complete. 
Notified NRC of an error in SAR.    3/7/2017      Complete. 
Received NRC response.        3/9/2017  NRC instructed DOE to make the change with RAI (if issued) or a page change. 
Received NRC confirmation that there are no RAI        5/4/2017  Complete. 
Drafted and sent Rev. 14 SAR submittal letter for comment or concurrence.        5/5/2017 Complete. 
Submitted revised SAR to NRC.    5/15/2017      Complete. 
Received draft CoC from NRC for comment.    5/18/2017      Complete. 
Sent CoC comments to NRC.    5/18/2017      Complete. 
Docket: 17-​1​1-​​9​975
Package Name: ​​9975
Request: Request to revise DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

SRNL (SR sponsor) revision for new internal shield design.
Received application.
Scheduled pre-application conference call.  3/14/2017    3/14/2017    Complete. Call canceled due to weather issues at ANL on 3/13.
Scheduled pre-application conference call.   4/12/2017    4/12/2017    Complete. 
Requested summary slides for the conference call.        3/31/2017  Complete. 
Submitted summary slides to PCP for conference call.  4/10/2017         Open action item.
Requested applicant's shielding input/output files.         4/7/2017   Complete. 
Submitted shielding i/o files to PCP.  4/14/2017  4/11/2017   
Preapplication conference call.   4/12/2017    4/12/2017  Complete. 
Review and concur conf. call summary notes.        4/13/2017  ANL concurred 4/13, waiting on applicant. 
Applicant concurred with the conference call summary notes.    4/17/2017      Complete. 
Docket: 17-​1​4-​​9​​3​15
Package Name:ES-3100
Request: Request to revise DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

NA-233 request to revise DOE CoC for HEU Oxide clinkers and screening.
CNS-Y12 requested to cancel this docket and give priority to Docket 17-05-9315.    3/20/2017      Waiting on concurrence from NA-23. 
CNS-Y12 requested to keep this docket open, but may revise the application.    4/5/2017      Complete. 
Docket: 17-​1​​5-​​9​​979
Package Name:9979
Request: Request to revise DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

SR (sponsor) request to revise DOE CoC for LEU metal.
Received application.    3/15/2017      Complete. 
Requested applicant's shielding & criticality input/output files.          4/7/2017  Complete. 
Submitted shielding & criticality i/o files to PCP.   4/14/2017  4/10/2017       Complete.
Docket: 17-​​20-​​9979
Package Name:9979
Request: Request to amend DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

Request by SRNL (SR sponsor) to amend DOE to authorize shipment of LEU that exceeds the CoC limit.
Submit application to PCP 5/8/2017    Open action item.
Docket: 17-​​21-​9233
Package Name:TN-RAM
Request: Technical Support to address NRC CoC 9233 non-compliance

Docket opened. 

Received notice from the certificate holder, AREVA Americas, LLC of a CoC violation.
Sent email notice to DOE registered users.     4/27/2017  Complete. 
Contacted DOE registered users to collect information       4/27/2017
Sent draft memo to PCP manager concurrence.        4/28/2017  Complete. 
User memo approved and issued.        5/1/2017  Complete. 
ORNL submittted a draft letter for PCP review.    5/5/2017      Complete. 
PCP sent comments to ORNL and confirmed with NRC that ORNL is responsible for the 71.95 report to NRC.        5/10/2017  Complete. 
Docket: 17-​​22-​​0738
Package Name: 10 KG HEU RSTD
Request: Request to renew DOT CoCA

Docket reserved. 

Request by ​ORNL (ORO sponsor) ​to renew DOT CoCA.
Submit application to PCP 5/8/2017    Open action item.
Docket: 17-​​2​3-​​0​000
Package Name: 7A TYPE A
Request: Request to issue guidance on test documentation requirements

Docket opened. 

Request by ​PCP Manager to draft guidance memorandum.
Submitted draft memorandum to PCP Manager for comment.
5/8/2017 ​   Complete.

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