Docket Timelines

as of December 7, 2018
Docket Actions Applicant DOE PCP and HCO Comments
Docket: 1​6-​4​5-​93​15
Package Model: ​​ES-3100
Request: Revision ​of DOE CoC for Extended Maintenance

Docket opened. 

NA-233 is the sponsor of this docket. Scope is to amend DOE CoC for SARP Rev 2 changes.
Received SARP from Y-12


Schedule Y-12 presentation of the SARP changes to ANL in October.
  10/13/2016      Meeting scheduled for 10/25.
Pre-review meeting with Y-12 at ANL.    10/25/2016    10/25/2016  Complete. 
Scope revised to review SARP for extended maintenance only.    11/1/2016      Complete.  Docket 17-05-9315 opened for content changes and revised shielding evaluation.
Applicant requested priority on Docket 17-05-9315.    3/20/2017      Complete. 
Applicant requested priority on Dockets 17-14-9315 and 17-36-9315.    5/24/2017      Complete. 
ANL review started.      10/9/2017,
4/2018  Tentative date(s). 
Q1s drafted.        5/7/2018  Complete. 
Q1s issued by PCP Manager.       5/16/2018  Complete. 
Response to Q1s.  6/15/2018,
7/3/2018      Requested response date 6/15/2018.  On 6/7/2018 Applicant requested delaying date to 6/29/2018 due to other priorities. Received 7/3: complete. 
Docket: 17-​​​32-9975
Package Model: ​​​9975
Request: Suspend LANL User Status for DOE CoCs (CoC violation)

Docket opened. 
6/21/2017   6/21/2017 Report of Notice of Violation with Condition 8 of the CoC.
Drafted letter for HCO to suspend LANL's registered user status.        6/23/2017  Complete. 
HCO to issue suspension letter to LANL.    6/23/2017  6/26/2017  Complete. 
Received proposed corrective action plan from HCO for review.        11/14/2017  Complete. 
Submitted comments to the HCO on the proposed  corrective action plan.       11/14/2017  Complete. 
Received request from NNSA OPT to review reinstatement document package for NA-LA/LANL    3/1/2018  3/9/2018  3/6/2018  PCP Manager comment sent to NNSA OPT.   
Received additional documents from the HCO for review.         3/15/2018  Complete. 
Submitted comments to the PCP Manager on the additional proposed  corrective action plan documents.        3/21/2018  Complete. 
HCO submitted comments to NNSA CO.        3/26/2018  Complete. 
Received latest NNSA document package and NNSA OPT response to HCO comments.   4/26/2018      Complete. 
Received NNSA assessment report draft.    5/7/2018      Complete. 
Comments sent to PCP Manager from review of NNSA assessment report.        5/13/2018  Complete. 
NNSA assessment report issued.     5/11/2018     Received 5/14/2018. 
Docket: 17-​​​​43-​9601
Package Model: ​​​​​CASTOR
Request: Technical Support for Alternate Leak Test Presentation to DOT. 

Docket opened. 

  8/3/2017 Request to provide DOT with GNS presentation and documents.
GNS documents downloaded and sent to DOT.       ​8/3/2017  Complete.
Conference call invitations sent by GNS.    10/13/2017      Complete. 
Conference call with GNS to present alternate approach to DOT, NRC, PCP, and LLNL.  10/17/2017   10/17/2017 10/17/2017  10/17/2017  Scheduled date.  Complete.
Draft meeting minutes issued and routed for comment.        10/26/2017  Comment requested by 11/3/2017. 
Meeting minute comments from DOE/DOT/NRC sent to GNS.        11/14/2017  Complete. 
Final meeting minutes issued by GNS and distributed to DOT and LLNL.    12/5/2017       Complete.
Submittal plan developed by Docket Manager and LLNL submitted to PCP Manager.        2/23/2018  Complete.
PCP Manager sent submittal plan to GNS.        2/26/2018  Complete. 
Status request from DOT.         3/23/2018 In the final meeting minutes, GNS intended to submit their application by the end of the 1st quarter (3/30).  Docket Manager informed DOT on 3/23/2018 not to expect submittal of the application until the end of the 2nd quarter (6/30) at the earliest. 
Status request from DOE.        6/25/2018  Complete. 
Status update from GNS.    6/27/2018      Project restarted planned in July. 
DOT notified.        6/28/2018  Complete. 
LLNL funded to preview documents for submission to DOT.  8/17/2018,

    Contract routing at LFO 10/10/2018.   Open item.
Leak test specification submitted to DOE  8/31/2018      Open item. 
Status request from LLNL and GNS.         8/7/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 17-​​​​46-0000
Package Model: ​​​​​​N/A
Request: Technical Support for Contractor Support Requirements 

Docket opened. 
8/8/2017   8/8/2017 Request from EM-4 to provide scope and skill-set of PCP staff support.
EM-4 form sent to PCP Manager.       ​8/11/2017  Complete.
Sent additional docket data to PCP Manager.        8/24/2017  Complete.
Sent customer base and scope to PCP Manager        8/31/2017  Complete.
Sent itemized scope draft to staff for PCP Manager.         9/15/2017  Complete. 
Received itemized scope.    9/18/2017      Complete. 
Sent labor & budget scope to staff.       9/19/2017  Complete. 
Received labor & budget scope.    9/22/2017      Received SRNL: waiting on others.
Sent 45-Day Memo for EM4-24-02 to HQ.        9/22/2017  Complete. 
Revised scope\ approved by the PCP Manager and sent to staff.        10/4/2017  Complete. 
Reminder sent by Docket Manager        11/1/2017  Complete. 
1st reports for October received.   11/15/2017 11/1/2017 (NSTec),
11/7/2017 (ORNL), 11/10/2017 (SNL), 11/14/2017 (ANL), 11/15/2017 (LLNL & PNNL). 
    Staff reports due. SRNL delinquent.
October report submitted to PCP Manager.        11/16/2017  Complete. 
SRNL report received.     11/17/2017     Complete. 
Revised report submitted to PCP Manager.         11/17/2017  October complete. 
Revised spreadsheet for November input sent to staff.    12/7/2017 (ORNL),
12/8/2017 (Sandia) 
  11/20/2017  Complete. 
November reports received.   12/15/2017 12/7/2017 (ORNL),
12/8/2017 (Sandia)
12/13/2017 (SRNL)
12/15/2017 (LLNL, NSTec, and PNNL)
12/15/2017 (ANL) 
November report submitted to PCP Manager.         12/15/2017  Complete. 
December reports received.  1/15/2018  1/11/2018 (PNNL, SRNL, ORNL, Nevada, SNL), 1/12/2018 (LLNL), 1/16/2018 (ANL)      Complete.
December report submitted to PCP Manager.          1/16/2018  Complete. 
Revised December report submitted to PCP Manager.        1/22/2018  Complete.  
January reports received.  2/15/2018  2/5/2018 (ORNL),
2/13/2018 (SNL & SRNL), 2/16/2018 (LLNL & PNNL), 2/21/2018 (ANL), and 2/23/2018 (PNNL) 
January report submitted to PCP Manager.           2/26/2018  Complete. 
Revised spreadsheets sent to package review teams.        3/6/2018  Complete. 
February reports received.   3/15/2018  3/8/2018 (ORNL),
3/12/2018 (SNL), 3/13/2018 (SRNL), 3/14/2018 (PNNL), 3/15/2018 (NV & LLNL), and 3/27/2018 (ANL).
    Open item.  Waiting on ANL.
February report submitted to PCP Manager.            3/28/2018  Complete. 
March reports received.  4/15/2018  4/11/2018 (PNNL), 4/12/2018 (NV & SRNL),
4/13/2018 (SNL),
4/15/2018 (LLNL),
4/17/2018 (ORNL), and 
 4/27/2018 (ANL).
March report submitted to PCP Manager.        4/27/2018  Complete. 
April reports received  5/15/2018  5/10/2018 (SRNL),
5/15/2018 (PNNL & SNL),
5/17/2018 (LLNL),
5/23/2018 (NV)
5/31/2018 (ORNL) 
    Waiting on ANL. 
April report submitted to PCP Manager.         5/31/2018  Complete (less ANL report). 
April reports received.   5/15/2018  5/24/2018 (SNL)       
ANL April report.  5/15/2018  6/4/2018      Report delayed due to organization changes at ANL. 
Revised April report submitted to PCP Manager.        6/8/2018  Complete. 
May reports received.  6/15/2018  5/24/2018 (SNL), 6/11/2018 (SRNL), 6/12/2018 (ORNL), 6/13/2018 (NV), 6/18/2018 (PNNL), 6/26/2018 (LLNL), and 7/3/2018 (ANL).     Complete.
May report submitted to PCP Manager.         7/10/2018  Complete. 
June reports received. 7/15/2018  7/11/2018 (NV), 7/13/2018 (SNL),
7/17/2018 (LLNL & SRNL), 7/19/2018 (PNNL), 7/30/2018 (ANL & ORNL)
June report submitted to PCP Manager.          7/31/2018  Complete. 
July reports received. 8/15/2018  8/7/2018 (ORNL),
8/8/2018 (SRNL),
8/13/2018 (SNL & SRNL rev),
8/15/2018 (PNNL & NV),
8/17/2018 (LLNL), & 8/31/2018 (ANL) 
  8/31/2018  Complete. 
July report submitted to PCP Manager.           8/31/2018  Complete. 
August reports received.    9/15/2018  9/6/2018 (ORNL),
9/7/2018 (SNL),
9/14/2018 (NV & PNNL),
9/17/2018 (LLNL & SRNL), 10/31/2018 (ANL). 
September report received.  10/15/2018 10/2/2018 (SNL),
10/11/2018 (NV),
10/23/2018 (ORNL), 10/25/2018 (LLNL), 10/31/2018 (ANL).
August & September reports submitted to PCP Manager.      11/5/2018  11/5/2018  Open. 
Received revised report from PNNL.    11/9/2018    11/12/2018  Comments sent to PNNL.  Task open. 
Docket: 18-​1​5-9979
Package Model: ​9979
Request: Limited Shipment Authorization for LANL

Docket opened. 

Request to authorize LANL shipment whilst they develop a corrective action plan per Docket 17-32-9975.
Received request from LAFO.   12/11/2017      ​ Complete. 
HCO approval memo issued.        12/14/2017  Complete. 
Shipment notification by LAFO.          Open. 
Docket: 18-​22-9204
Package Model: ​10-160B
Request: Request to Amend DOE CoC 9204 for New Contents

Docket opened. 

Request to amend DOE CoC for for IBL 437C Blood Irradiators with activity up to 5100 Ci of Cs-137.
Received request from DOE-ID.   1/24/2018      ​ Complete. 
Pre-application meeting.  1/29/2018    1/29/2018  Complete. 
Notified applicant, per PCP Manager that they'll need to translate the French SFC in English.        3/7/2018  Complete. 
Received application.   7/9/2018 6/21/2018      Complete. 
Requested reference drawings.    7/1/2018    6/26/2018  Requested and received reference drawings.  Task complete. 
Requested clarification on structural calc. references.    8/8/2018    8/6/2018  Received Rev 1 of the calc. with updated references. 
Requested IBL operations manual.    8/16/2018    8/16/2018  Complete. 
Q1s received and issued.        8/30/2018  Complete.
Q1 proposed responses received.  9/28/2018  10/1/2018      Complete 
Meeting to discuss proposed responses.  10/10/2018  10/10/2018    10/10/2018  Complete  
Q1 proposed responses submitted.  11/16/2018
11/26/2018      Received draft Chapter 9 11/11/2018.  Open item. 
Request for clarification to responses to Q1-1, 3-1, and 5-1.        12/5/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​2​9-0000
Package Model: Various WIPP Packages
Request: Notice of non-compliance with DOE Order 460.1D  

HCO notification to CBFO.
    2/22/2018​ Notification on non-compliance with CBFO contactors with DOE Order 460.1D user and QAP requirements.
Docket opened       2/​22/2018 Complete. 
Requested status.        12/4/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​31-​9979
Package Model: ​​​9979
Request: Limited Use Authorization

LAFO request to use the 9979 for storage of LLW.
3/8/2018   Request from LAFO to authorize use of 9979 packagings for storage of Low Level Waste.
Docket opened.       ​3/8/2018 Complete. 
Received ANL confirmatory review to establish storage duration.       4/24/2018  Complete. 
Draft memo and review sent to PCP Manager.        4/24/2018  Complete.  Waiting on HCO to sign. 
Memo and attachment signed by HCO for issuance.        4/26/2018  Complete. 
Corrected and resent attachment.         4/27/2018  Complete. 
PCP Manager conference call with NNSS.        5/4/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​32-​9981
Package Model: ​​​​9981
Request:Certify New Type A Fissile Package Design

Received request and SARP from DOE-SR
3/9/2018   Request SR to certify new Type A fissile package.
Docket opened       ​3/9/2018 Complete. 
Docket assigned to LLNL by PCP Manager.        3/12/2018  Complete. 
Review started.        5/10/2018  Complete. 
Request for additional documents/references.        6/14/2018  Complete. 
Received additional documents/references.      6/14/2018     Complete. 
Draft Q1s generated.      6/15/2018,
7/6/2018  Received draft Q1s.  Task complete. 
Q1s issued.        7/9/2018  Complete. 
Conference Call to clarify Chapter 5 & 6 Q1s.  7/18/2018    7/18/2018    Complete. 
Q1 responses (partial) submitted by SRNL.  8/10/2018  7/27/2018      Responses requested by 8/10/2018. Received 41 of 42 proposed responses on 7/27.
Partial Q1 responses sent to LLNL.        7/30/2018  Complete. 
Q1 responses received.  8/17/2018,
8/30/2018      Complete. 
Received gas-generation calculation.    8/16/2018    8/17/2018  Complete. 
Received notice from LLNL that Q5.8 closed.     8/17/2018    8/17/2018  Software update resolved the Q. 
Received revised NCS calculation and revised SARP Chapter 6.    8/30/2018    8/31/2018  Docs sent to LLNL 8/31/2018.  Complete. 
Received supplement to authorize alternate weld on the 55-gallon drum seam.      9/17/2018     Docs sent to LLNL 9/17/2018.  Complete.
Q1 response disposition issued.         9/21/2018  Advance copy provided to SRNL 9/18/2018. 
Meeting to discuss rejected responses  10/9/2018   10/8/2018   10/8/2018  Complete. 
Revised responses to eight non-Chapter 6 Q1s.  10/19/2018,
10/26/2018      Received 4 of 12 responses. 
LLNL review of response submittal.      11/9/2018  11/15/2018  Complete. 
Revised responses to four Chapter 5 Q1s.       12/7/2018      Complete. 
Revised responses to four Chapter 6 Q1s.  12/7/2018      Complete. 
LLNL review of response submittal to Chapter 5 & 6 Q1s.      12/21/2018    Open. 
Docket: 18-​3​​3-​​0000
Package Model: ​​​​Various
Request:Technical Assistance to Evaluate Package Options for SR Canisters

Received request from PCP Manager
3/22/2018   Request to update package options from Docker 17-45-0000.
Docket opened       ​3/22/2018 Complete. 
Draft sent to PCP Manager for review.       3/23/2018 Complete.
Package contacts and review estimate sent to PCP Manager.        6/13/2018  Complete. 
Questions from EM-4.23.    10/15/2018      Complete. 
Responses for EM-4.23 sent to PCP Manager.        10/16/2018  Complete. 
Requested status.        12/4/2018  Complete.  
Docket: 18-4​2-​​​0000
Package Model: ​N/A
Request: Request to Develop 10 CFR Part 71 Applicability Matrix for DOE  

Docket opened. 
  ​6/18/2018 Request to develop 10 CFR Part 71 applicability matrix for DOE.
Populate the regulatory column of the matrix.      7/12/2018  7/12/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-4​​4-0000​
Package Model: ​N/A
Request: Request for FY19 Budget Plan Input 

PCP Manager sent request to staff for FY19 input     7/12/2018  Request by PCP Manager for FY 19 input.  Need date is 7/31/2018. 
Docket opened. 
  7/12/2018 Complete.
Received input  7/31/2018  7/26/2018 (SNL), 7/30/2018 (ANL), 7/31/2018 (ORNL & PNNL), 8/1/2018 (LLNL), 8/7/2018 (NV), and 8/9/2018 (SRNL).      Open. 
PCP Manager to compile report.      8/24/2018  8/28/2018  Complete. 
Docket Manager review and edit.        9/4/2018  Complete.
Additional info requested by PCP Manager for HCO.        9/21/2018  Sent 9/24/2018.  Complete. 
Draft FY18 to FY19 carryover report for PCP Manager.      11/5/2018  11/6/2018  Requested 11/5.  Complete. 
Received monthly report for Oct.  11/15/2018  11/12/2018 (Sandia), 11/15/2018 (LLNL, NV, SRNL), 11/16/2018 (PNNL),
11/29/2018 (ORNL),
12/5/2018 (ANL) 
Report (Oct) submitted to PCP Manager       12/5/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-5​6-​0000
Package ​Model: ​​​N/A
Request: Request to NRC for Clarification 

Draft letter to NRC sent PCP Manager.     9/21/2018  Request by DOE PCP for clarification for onsite material transfer from DOE to licensee for shipment.  
Docket opened. 
  9/212018 Complete.
PCP Manager signed letters for mailing to NRC.         9/​21/2018  Complete.  
Letters emailed and mailed to NRC.        9/21/2018  Complete. 
Conference Call  12/6/2018  12/6/2018  12/6/2018  12/6/2018  Requested 11/29/2018 by NRC. 
Provide info to NRC status of exclusive federal jurisdiction of the transfer site.     12/4/2018    Open. 
Docket: 18-5​7-​9204
Package ​Model: ​​​10-160B
Request: Request to Amend DOE CoC 

Request to open docket.   9/26/2018      Request by ID open docket to amend the DOE CoC to modify the Gammacell shoring. 
Docket opened. 
  9/262018 Complete.
Pre-application meeting 10/10/2018 10/10/2018     10/10/2018​ Complete.​
SRNL Review Team estimate      12/31/2018    Open 
SARP supplement submitted.  2/15/2019        Open 
Docket: ​19-01-9905
Package ​Model: ​​​​HUFP
Request: Request to Renew DOE CoC 

Request to renew CoC.   9/26/2018   Request by SR to renew DOE CoC.  
Docket opened. 
  ​10/2/2018 Complete.
Draft CoC sent to applicant for comment.        10/11/2018  Complete. 
Applicant concurred without comment of draft CoC.   11/19/2018       Complete.
Transmittal memo, CoC, Approval Record, and SER routed to PCP Manager for HCO approval.        11/21/2018   Complete.
Docket: ​19-0​2-9​228
Package ​Model: ​​​​​2000
Request: Request to Amend DOE CoC 

Request to amend CoC.   10/9/2018   Request by ​OR to amend DOE CoC to remove non-DOE contents.  
Docket opened. 
  ​10/10/2018 Complete.
Received and sent pre-application presentation.    10/18/2018    10/19/2018  Complete. 
Pre-application meeting.  11/2/2018  11/2/2018    11/2/2018  Complete.
SRNL Review Team estimate. 
  12/31/2018    Open 
Docket: ​19-0​​​5-​9979
Package ​Model: 9979
Request: Limited Shipment Authorization for LANL 

Request from LAFO   10/23/2018   Request to authorize LANL shipments whilst they develop a corrective action plan per Docket 17-32-9975.
Docket opened. 
  10/23/2018 Complete.
PCP Manager requested LAFO shipment update for open dockets, and procedure update.     10/23/2018  Complete. 
Shipment updates provided.    10/24/2018       Complete. 
Procedure update provided TBD      Open. 
Docket: ​19-0​​​​6-​9979
Package ​Model: 9979
Request: Request to amend DOE CoC

Request from SR   10/29/2018   Request to authorize Pu in Special Form and Consolidated SARP.
Docket opened. 
  10/29/2018 Complete.
Pre-application meeting. 12/31/2018    Open.
ANL Review Team estimate.      1/11/2019    Open.   
SARP submittal. 3/31/2019        Open. 
Docket: ​19-0​​​​7-​9980
Package ​Model: 9980
Request: Request to register as a package user 

Request from Brookhaven (BNL).   10/31/2018   Request to register as a user of the Model 9980.
Docket opened. 
  10/31/2018 Complete.
Submittal of BNL Subpart H QAP. TBD    ​Open.
Docket: ​19-​11-9315
Package ​Model: ES-3100
Request: Request to amend DOE CoC 

Request from CNS Y-12 to reserve a docket number.   11/7/2018   Request to amend DOE CoC to authorize use of Packcrete.
Docket opened. 
  11/7/2018 Complete.
Pre-application meeting at ANL. 12/14/2018  12/14/2018  ​Open.
Received meeting presentation     12/4/2018      Complete. 
Docket: ​19-12-​9516
Package ​Model: 9516
Request: Request to renew and amend DOE CoC 

Request from ID.   11/7/2018   Request to renew and amend DOE CoC.
Docket opened. 
  11/7/2018 Complete.
Pre-application meeting at ANL.​ ​11/27/2018 11/27/2018​ 11/27/2018  11/27/2018​ ​Changed to a  conference call due to snowstorm in Chicago.
INL to extend ANL contract.  TBD        Open. 
SARP supplement submitted.   7/31/2019        Open.
Docket: ​19-1​5-​95​19
Package ​Model: SAFESHIELD 2999A 
Request: Request for technical assistance for unlisted A2 values 

Request from LANL Isotope Program and PCP Manager.   11/27/2018   Request for guidance for unlisted A2 values for the isotope program.
Docket opened. 
  11/27/2018 Complete.
Letter submitted to DOT. ​      11/30/2018​ Complete.
Docket: ​19-17-0000
Package ​Model: N/A
Request: Request for technical assistance to review DOE-STD-1027-2018 

Request from PCP Manager.   11/29/2018   Request to review STD.
Docket opened. 
  11/29/2018 Complete.
Comments & questions submitted via email ​       11/29/2018​ Emailed to AU-31
Docket: ​19-1​​8-​9511
Package ​Model: BUSS 
Request: Request for technical assistance for EM-4.21 inquiry 

Request from EM-4.21 for options regarding the BUSS cask   11/29/2018   Request for BUSS cask and other packaging  options for Hanford Sources.
Docket opened. 
  11/29/2018 Complete.
Options emailed by PCP Manager to EM-4.21. ​      11/30/2018​ Complete.
Docket: ​19-1​​9-​9​979
Package ​Model: 9979 
Request: Request for technical assistance for unlisted A2 values 

Request from SR with application prepared by SRNL.   11/30/2018   Request to amend DOE CoC for optional drums weld on the 30-gallon drum.
Docket opened. 
  11/30/2018 Complete.
Application sent to ANL for review.        12/3/2018  Complete. 
Docket: ​19-​20-​9​​330
Package ​Model: ATR FFSC 
Request: Request for amend NRC CoC 

Request from ​ID-NE   12/4/2018   Request to amend NRC CoC for GRR-1 fuel
Docket opened. 
  12/4/2018 Complete.
Application sent to NRC for review.        12/4/2018  Complete. 
Docket: ​19-​21-0000
Package ​Model: N/A 
Request: Request for technical assistance to EM-4.23 

Request from EM-4.23 for package options.   12/6/2018   Request to identify package for ID waste canisters.
Docket opened. 
  12/6/2018 Complete.

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