Docket Timelines

as of April 9, 2021
Docket Actions Applicant DOE PCP and HCO Comments
Docket: 17-43-9601
Package Model: CASTOR
Request: Technical Support for Alternate Leak Test Presentation to DOT. 

Docket opened. 

  8/3/2017 Request to provide DOT with GNS presentation and documents.
GNS documents downloaded and sent to DOT.       8/3/2017  Complete.
Conference call invitations sent by GNS.    10/13/2017      Complete. 
Conference call with GNS to present alternate approach to DOT, NRC, PCP, and LLNL.  10/17/2017   10/17/2017 10/17/2017  10/17/2017  Scheduled date.  Complete.
Draft meeting minutes issued and routed for comment.        10/26/2017  Comment requested by 11/3/2017. 
Meeting minute comments from DOE/DOT/NRC sent to GNS.        11/14/2017  Complete. 
Final meeting minutes issued by GNS and distributed to DOT and LLNL.    12/5/2017       Complete.
Submittal plan developed by Docket Manager and LLNL submitted to PCP Manager.        2/23/2018  Complete.
PCP Manager sent submittal plan to GNS.        2/26/2018  Complete. 
Status request from DOT.         3/23/2018 In the final meeting minutes, GNS intended to submit their application by the end of the 1st quarter (3/30).  Docket Manager informed DOT on 3/23/2018 not to expect submittal of the application until the end of the 2nd quarter (6/30) at the earliest. 
Status request from DOE.        6/25/2018  Complete. 
Status update from GNS.    6/27/2018      Project restarted planned in July. 
DOT notified.        6/28/2018  Complete. 
LLNL funded to preview documents for submission to DOT.  8/17/2018,

    Contract routing at LFO 10/10/2018.   Open item.
Leak test specification submitted to DOE  8/31/2018      Open item. 
Status request from LLNL and GNS.         8/7/2018  Complete. 
NA-10.1 approved strategic partnership with GNS    12/14/2018      Complete. 
LLNL signed and sent contract to GNS.    12/20/2018      Complete. 
GNS contract accepted.  1/3/2019,
7/17/2019      Complete.  Requested status 1/14/2019. Response 1/24/2019.  JEN now funding LLNL.
GNS submittal of releasable source term report and the leakage test procedure.   2/15/2019  2/14/2019      Complete.  Waiting on funding authorization for LLNL to start review.
German contractor change.    2/27/2019      Complete. 
Contract approval (reset).  6/1/2019  6/20/2019  6/1/2019  5/9/2019  Complete.  Work for others agreement approved.
LLNL funded.   7/4/2019 7/17/2019    7/17/2019  Complete.  
Request for two references, translated in English.        9/3/2019.  Complete.
Received translated references.    9/17/2019    9/17/2019  Complete. 
Received TRR from LLNL.      11/1/2019,
11/20/2019  Complete. 
Internal comment resolution.      12/2/2019  12/6/2019  Complete. 
Comments issued to GNS.        12/11/2019  Complete. 
Notice to GNS/JEN contract expires in June.        3/20/2020  Complete.  Contract expires 6/25/2020. 
JEN contract with LLNL extended.  3/23/2020 
6/4/2020    5/29/2020  Complete.  JEN extended the LLNL contract until 12/31/2020.
DOE PCP clarification on leakage test approval and test witness.        6/5/2020  Complete. 
Comment response from GNS/JEN  5/31/2020
7/2/2020      Complete.  3-files submitted.
Received draft LLNL report.        7/27/2020  Complete. 
Reviewed draft report, issued comments, and comments dispositioned by LLNL.        7/28/2020  Complete. 
Report, with comments, issued by DOE PCP Manager.         7/31/2020  Complete. 
Report and documents reviewed provided to DOT.        8/7/2020  Complete.
Requested test and submittal schedule.        8/7/2020  Complete:  received 8/14/2020. 
DOT declined the invite to attend leakage tests.        8/17/2020  Complete. 
GNS reported they assumed a L3 at LLNL reviewed their procedure.     8/21/2020   8/25/2020  Complete.  Reply to GNS (recommendation). 
GNS/JEN leakage tests.  9/21/2020  3/26/2021      Complete. GNS reported documents ready for submittal.
Received cover memo and affidavit from GNS for review.    4/1/2021    4/2/2021  Complete.  DOT replied 3/29/2021 that affidavit required.  Sent comments 4/2/2021 for clarification on the cover letter to GNS. 
GNS submittal to DOE.  1/18/2020,
Docket: 18-42-0000
Package Model: N/A
Request: Technical Support to Develop 10 CFR Part 71 Applicability Matrix for DOE  

Docket opened. 
  6/18/2018 Request to develop 10 CFR Part 71 applicability matrix for DOE.
Populate the regulatory column of the matrix.      7/12/2018  7/12/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 19-06-9979
Package Model: 9979
Request: Request to amend DOE CoC

Request from SR   10/29/2018   Request to authorize Pu in Special Form and Consolidated SARP.
Docket opened. 
  10/29/2018 Complete.
Preapplication meeting. 12/31/2018  12/14/2018   12/14/2018 Complete.
ANL Review Team estimate.      1/11/2019  1/21/2019  Complete.   
Partial funding authorized.     2/25/2019     Complete.  >60% funding under contract Mod 3 and period of performance extended to 1/23/2021. 
SR/SRNL need date provided.  1/11/2019        Open.  Requested again 1/18/2019
Balance of funding authorized.  7/26/2019  9/19/2019      Complete.  Notified 9/23/2019 funding sent to ANL 9/19/2019.
SARP submittal. 3/31/2019,
7/31/2019, 8/30/2019, 9/30/2019,
11/14/2019      Complete.  CoC requested by 3/1/2020.
ANL review started.         2/18/2020 Complete.  Waiting on Q1s or TRR. 
Requested test specimen prep. procedure.        3/13/2020  Complete.  Waiting on procedures. 
Received test specimen prep. procedures from LANL.    3/31/2020    3/31/2020   Complete.
Uploaded test specimen prep. procedures for ANL.        4/6/2020  Complete.  Review procedures. 
Received draft Q1s from ANL.        4/13/2020  Complete. 
Q1s issued.    4/13/2020    4/13/2020  Complete.  Responses due 5/22/2020. 
Responses submitted to Q1s.  5/22/2020,
6/5/2020      Complete. 
Q3.1 follow-up issued.        7/1/2020  Complete. 
Conference call to clarify Q3.1    7/17/2020    7/17/2020  Complete.  Proposed responses acceptable, pending SARP implementation. 
Response to Q3.1.  7/22/2020   8/5/2020     Complete.  Content amendment for Pu-Ga included. 
ANL reported no Qs on the Pu-Ga change.        8/13/2020  Complete.  
SARP Rev 6 corrections/omissions for the TRISO fuel sent to applicant.       9/24/2020  Complete. 
Requested info on SF test weights.       9/25/2020  Complete. 
Conference call with applicant and docket manager to update status.   10/19/2020    10/19/2020  Complete. 
Technical justification to demonstrate capsule designs meet the SF requirements 10/23/2020,
 11/6/2020   11/10/2020  Complete w/ANL concurrence. 
Comment acceptance memo issued.       11/16/2020  Complete w/resubmittal due date of 12/18/2020.
SARP Rev 7a uploaded for review.    11/30/2020      Complete. 
Additional comments issued.        12/14/2020  Complete w/responses due  12/31/2020.
SARP Rev 7b page changes uploaded for review.     12/18/2020      Complete. 
 Received ANL TRR       12/21/2020  Complete. 
Acceptance memo issued.       12/21/2020  Complete, final SARP due 12/31/2020. 
SARP Rev 7 uploaded for review.   12/28/2020      Complete.
Draft SER & CoC.      3/5/2021  4/1/2021  Complete.  Rough draft CoC sent to SRNL 3/31/2021 and SER sent to ANL 4/1/2021 for comment. 
Received comments.    4/7/2021    4/5/2021  Complete.  Received SRNL CoC  comments and ANL SER comments. 
Disposition and resolve comments 4/12/2021    4/12/2021    Open. 
Docket: 19-11-9315
Package Model: ES-3100
Request: Request to amend DOE CoC 

Request from CNS Y-12 to reserve a docket number.   11/7/2018   Request to amend DOE CoC to authorize use of Packcrete.
Docket opened. 
  11/7/2018 Complete.
Received meeting presentation    12/4/2018      Complete
Pre-application meeting at ANL. 12/14/2018,
1/15/2019 12/14/2018, 1/15/2019  1/15/2019 Complete.
ANL Review Team estimate. 
    2/1/2019  2/25/2019  Complete. 
Request and schedule from NA-233.    4/4/2019      Complete. 
SARP submittal. 8/30/2019,
3/11/2020      Complete.  Notified 8/29/2019 by Y-12 PM that the SARP submittal delayed until February (received 3/11/2020). 
ANL review started.        4/28/2020  Complete. 
Requested i/o files for thermal, shielding, & criticality        6/5/2020.  Complete, will included in Q1s.
Q1s issued.      6/12/2020  6/9/2020  Complete.
Received i/o files for Qs 3.1 & 6.1,    7/9/2020 & 7/10/2020     Complete. 
Q1 responses submitted.   7/17/2020,
7/28/2020      Complete.
Q issued on additional scope to remove Table 1.2a        8/7/2020  Complete. 
Q issued on fabrication changes on CV drawings.         8/10/2020 Complete. 
Received draft Qs from ANL.         9/3/2020  Complete. 
Advance Q sent to applicant.        9/8/2020  Complete.
Received Q responses and input files.    9/22/2020      Complete. 
Received ANL TRR.       11/23/2020  Complete. 
Response acceptance memo  issued.       12/23/2020  Complete, w/SARP submittal date 1/8/2021.
SARP Rev 3 uploaded.   1/21/2021      Complete. 
Draft SER and CoC.      2/26/2021  2/25/2021  Complete.  SER sent to ANL for comment and draft CoC sent to Y-12 for comment. 
Received draft CoC comments from Y-12.    3/2/2021      Complete.  Will disposition upon receipt of SER comments from ANL. 
Received draft SER comments.        3/16/2021  Complete.  Will disposition comments. 
Draft SER (revised) and CoC         3/22/2021  Complete.  Revised SER and draft CoC sent to ANL for comment. 
Revised draft CoC        3/22/2021  Complete.  Revised  CoC to Y12 for comment. 
Received draft SER and CoC concurrence.    3/25/2021    3/25/2021  Complete. 
Draft Memo sent to applicant for review.    3/29/2021    3/25/2021  Complete.  Concurred without comment. 
Docs sent to DOE PCP Manager for review and HCO approval.        3/29/2021  Complete.  Waiting on HCO. 
CoC issued.      4/21/2021    Open.
Docket: 19-49-9168
Package Model: 8-120B
Request: Request to amend DOE CoC by LoA

Request for project kickoff meeting by INL.   4/4/2019   Request to authorize the package for shipments of V3XA (Pu spheres) and NV.
Received formal request from ID.   4/16/2019      Complete.   
Received meeting presentation.   5/15/2019  5/22/2019      Complete.
Meeting at SR Research Campus.  5/29/2019  5/29/2019  5/29/2019  5/29/2019  Complete. 
Received SRNL estimate.        6/4/2019  Complete.  PCP Manager will direct ID to fund the review. 
Estimate sent from PCP Manager to ID        6/11/2019  Complete.  Waiting on ID response/funding. 
Requested status.        9/5/2019  Complete.  Applicant intends to resume work by 9/30/2019.
Applicant response.    10/2/2019      Complete.  Funding in process and SARP submittal expected in Dec/Jan. 
Status update.    11/22/2019,
Received pre-application meeting presentation.     4/2/2020    4/2/2020 Complete.  Conf. call scheduled 4/6/2020. 
Pre-application conference call.    4/6/2020    4/6/2020  Complete. 
Application submittal  2/24/2020,
4/28/2020       Complete.  SARP submittal (prepared by ES for ID/INL).  
Calculation omission/clarification.    5/21/2020    5/20/2020  Complete. 
Request for Q-Cat list.    6/23/2020    6/23/2020  Complete.  Received 6/23/2020.
Received draft Q1s.        7/16/2020  Complete.   Review & issues Q1s. 
Draft Q1s sent for concurrence.        7/24/2020  Complete.
SRNL concurrence with Draft Q1s.        7/27/2020  Complete. 
Q1s issued.        7/27/2020  Complete. 
Q1 responses submitted.  8/28/2020  9/13/2020      Incomplete, pending response to gas-gen questions. 
Conf. call to discuss structural questions/responses.    10/8/2020    10/8/2020  Complete. 
Disposition memo issued.       10/19/2020  Complete w/ responses/resubmittal due 11/13/2020  
Notice of submittal delay.    11/13/2020      Response delayed due to sphere as-built measurements and gas generation concurrence from ID/INL 
Received partial responses.    11/20/2020      Still waiting on responses to 2-13, 3-3, 3-5, 3-6 
Disposition memo issued.        12/7/2020  Complete w/due 12/18/2020  
Conference call: NNSS, ID, INL, ES, requested by HCO.    12/8/2020   12/8/2020  Complete. 
Notice of submittal delay.     12/16/2020     Waiting on additional information from the users at NNSS or ID
Docket: 19-55-0000
Package Model: N/A
Request: Request for technical assistance 

Docket opened.     5/21/2019 Request to update DOE Packaging Review Guide
Received PRG Rev 4 draft.    8/25/2020  9/16/2020    Draft sent to ANL & SRNL review teams for comment by 9/16/2020, extended to 9/30/2020. 
Received comments.      9/30/2020  9/23/2020 (SRNL), 9/30/2020 (ANL & EM-4.24)  Issued to LLNL. 
Received revised PRG w/comment disposition.   10/15/2020    1/25/2021  SRNL concur w/o comment, one additional ANL comment.
Docket: 19-64-9982
Package Model: 9982
Request: Request for new DOE CoC  

Received request   6/21/2019   Request from SR for new DOE CoC Type B fissile package design.
Docket opened.        6/21/2019  Complete. 
Preapplication meeting at LLNL.  6/26/2019  6/26/2019  6/26/2019  6/26/2019  Complete. 
Conference call to update project status.    8/21//2019    8/21/2019  Complete. 
Conference call to update project status.     9/4/2019    9/4/2019  Complete. 
Received test plan from applicant.    9/5/2019      Complete. 
Test plan comments or concurrence by LLNL.      9/30/2019    Open. 
Received schedule update from applicant.  9/13/2019  9/26/2019,
Received budget update.  10/15/2020  10/30/2019,
    Complete.  Final FY19 report 11/21/2019. 
Received budget update.   11/15/2020 11/25/2019      Complete. 1st FY20 report. 
Received budget update.  12/15/2020  12/18/2019      Complete. 
Conference call to update project status.   12/19/2019  12/19/2019  12/19/2019  12/19/2019  Complete. 
Received budget update.   1/15/2020  1/14/2020      Complete.
Received update on explosive-forming the drum closure.     1/30/2020     Complete. 
Submit invention disclosure for drum closure.  2/7/2020        Open. 
Received LLNL budget update.  1/15/2020   2/4/2020     Complete. 
Dec budget report sent to PCP Manager.        2/5/2020  Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL Jan budget reports.  2/15/2020  2/17/2020    2/14/2020  Complete. 
Jan budget report sent to PCP Manager.         2/19/2020 Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL Feb budget reports.   3/15/2020  3/17/2020 (SRNL)
3/26/2020 (LLNL) 
Feb budget report sent to PCP Manager.         3/30/2020 Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL March budget reports.    4/15/2020  4/15/2020 (LLNL)
4/23/2020 (SRNL) 
March budget report sent to PCP Manager.          5/5/2020  Complete.
Received SRNL and LLNL April budget reports.   5/15/2020   5/20/2020 (SRNL), 6/8/2020 (LLNL)     Complete.
April budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.        6/8/2020  Complete.
Received SRNL and LLNL May budget reports.  6/15/2020  6/8/2020 (LLNL)
6/16/2020 (SRNL)
May budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.         6/16/2020 Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL June budget reports.   7/15/2020  7/15/2020 (SRNL)
7/17/2020 (LLNL) 
June budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.         7/17/2020  Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL July budget reports.   8/15/2020  8/17/2020 (LLNL &  SRNL)     Complete. 
July budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.        8/17/2020  Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL August budget reports. 9/15/2020  9/11/2020 (LLNL), 9/16/2020 (SRNL)      Complete. 
August budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.        9/16/2020  Complete.  
Received SRNL and LLNL Sep. budget reports.    10/13/2020 (LLNL) 10/21/2020 (SRNL)      Complete. 
Sep. budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.        10/23/2020  Complete. 
Received SRNL and LLNL Oct. budget reports.    11/17/2020 (LLNL & SRNL)      Complete.
Oct. budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.         11/19/2020  Complete.
Received SRNL and LLNL Nov. budget reports.   12/15/2020   12/15/2020 (LLNL & SRNL)     Complete.
Nov. budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.         12/17/2020  Complete.
Spending differences in LLNL spending and HQ spending reported to DOE PCP Manager.   12/21/2020      Reported by EM-5.111.  Sent to LLNL for resolution.  
Received SRNL and LLNL Dec. budget reports.     1/15/2021 1/14/2020 (SRNL) 1/20/2021 (LLNL)      Complete. 
Dec. budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.          1/25/2020  Complete.
Received SRNL and LLNL Jan. budget reports.   2/15/2021  2/18/2021      Complete.  LLNL correcting prior charges.
Jan. budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.         3/5/2021  Complete.
Received SRNL and LLNL Feb. budget reports.   3/15/2021  3/29/2021      Complete. 
Feb. budget report sent to DOE PCP Manager.           3/29/2021 Complete. 
Resumption of work.   3/31/2021       Complete.  Notification from SRNL.
Docket: 19-77-9979
Package Model: 9979
Request: Request for amendment to DOE CoC

Received request & application.   9/4/2019   Request from SR to amend the CoC for Y-12 isotopes.
Docket opened.        9/4/2019  Complete.
Application sent to ANL for estimate.       9/5/2019  Complete.  Waiting on estimate.
Received ANL estimate.        9/16/2019.  Complete. 
Received request for priority for docket 19-35-9315.   10/2/2019      Complete.  Y-12 funding both dockets. 
ANL review started.      11/25/2019  1/28/2020  Complete.  Q1 drafted 1/28/2020. 
Requested and received i/o files.    1/13/2020    1/13/2020  Complete. 
Q1 issued by PCP Manager.        1/30/2020  Complete. 
Received Q1 response.  2/28/2020
7/28/2020      Complete.  SRNL reported 3/5/2020 their contract with Y-12 expired and is in the process of reissuance
Draft gas-generation Q issued.        8/17/2020  Complete
Received response and resubmittal    9/21/2020      Complete 
Responses accepted.        9/25/2020  Complete w/combine with Docket 19-06-9979. 
Received ANL TRR        12/21/2020  Complete. 
SARP Rev 7 uploaded.   12/28/2020      Complete. 
Draft SER & CoC.      3/5/2021  4/1/2021  Complete.  Rough draft CoC sent to SRNL 3/31/2021 and SER sent to ANL 4/1/2021 for comment. 

Docket: 20-02-9341
Package Model: BEA BRR Package
Request: Request for amendment to DOE CoC

Received request to open docket and schedule pre-application meeting.   10/3/2019   Request from NE-ID to amend DOE CoC for NASA PFS target mission.  
Docket opened.        10/7/2019  Complete. 
Received pre-application meeting presentation.   10/15/2019    Complete. 
Pre-application meeting.   10/22/2019  10/22/2019  10/22/2019  10/22/2019  Complete. 
Receive and review SRNL cost estimate.      11/8/2019  11/12/2019  Complete.
PCP Manager concurred with estimate and sent to ID.        1/9/2020.  Complete. 
Status update    10/22/2020
ID/INL funding to SRNL authorized.  7/1/2020  7/8/2020      Complete (confirmed by SRNL). 
Application submittal 1/31/2020
6/30/2020      Complete.  Uploaded to Kiteworks.
Review started.        7/15/2020  Complete. 
Requested & received Orano QAP.     7/28/2020   7/28/2020  Complete. 
Requested & received CoC drawing clarification.    7/30/2020    7/30/2020  Complete. 
Received draft Q1s from SRNL        8/19/2020  Complete. 
Sent revised draft Q1s to SRNL for concurrence.         8/21/2020  Complete. 
SRNL concurrence with draft Q1s.        8/24/2020  Complete. 
Q1s issued.        8/24/2020  Complete.
Conference call to clarify Q1s.  8/31/2020    8/31/2020    Complete. 
Received Q1  responses.     11/13/2020      Complete. 
Disposition issued.        12/3/2020  Complete, SAR submittal due 12/31/2020. 
SAR Rev. 2 uploaded.    12/10/2020      Complete. 
Review-on hold.    12/10/2020    12/10/2020  Additional funding needed for SRNL to complete their review.
Additional funding and period of performance extended.      3/31/2021  3/18/2021  Complete.  Notified by INL 3/2/2021 contract extension initiated.  Notified  by SRNL 3/18/2021 contract accepted.
Received rough draft TRR        3/24/2021  Complete.  No comments. 

Docket: 20-59-0000
Package Model: N/A
Request: Request for Technical Assistance 

Received request.   9/1//2020   Request from DOE PCP Manager for FY21 staff budget input and monthly reports.
Docket opened.        9/1/2020  Complete.   
Received staff input      9/4/2020  9/1/2020 (SRNL), 9/3/2020 (NV & ORNL), 9/4/2020 (ANL, LLNL, PNNL, & SNL).   Complete.
Draft report to DOE PCP Manager      9/8/2020  9/8/2020  Complete.
Oct reports. 11/15/2020  11/6 (ORNL), 11/13 (PNNL), 11/15 (SNL), 11/16 (ANL), 11/17 (SNL-revised & SRNL), 11/17 (LLNL), 11/18 (NV).    11/19/2020  Complete. 
Nov. reports. 12/15/2020  NNSS (12/10), PNNL (12/14), ANL, LLNL, ORNL, SNL, & SRNL (12/15)    12/17/2020  Complete.  
Dec. reports. 1/15/2021  PNNL & SRNL (1/14), ANL & SNL (1/15), LLNL (1/20), NV & ORNL (1/21)    1/25/2021  Complete.  
Informed by LLNL that they are out of DOE PCP Task funding.   1/26/2021    1/27/2021  Notified DOE PCP Manager and requested Departmental Financial System info (EM-5.111) to check the actual numbers. 
Jan. reports.  2/15/2021  NV (2/2), ORNL & PNNL (2/15), ANL (2/17), SRNL (2/18), SNL (2/24)    3/5/2021  Complete.  LLNL on work stand-down. 
Received Program Guidance funding memos for March        3/5/2021  Complete.  All staff partially funded. 
EM-5.111 report received.        3/1/2021  Complete.  Run comparison with staff reports 2018-2021. 
Comparison report sent to DOE PCP Manager.        3/5/2021  Complete.  Develop path forward with DOE PCP Manager. 
Sent reconciliation requests to staff.        3/9/2021  Complete.  Will include in Feb reports. 
Feb. reports 3/15/2021  NV (2/25), PNNL (3/12), ANL, ORNL, SNL, SRNL (3/15).    3/29/2021  Complete.  LLNL on work stand-down.
Sent reconciliation requests to ANL & LLNL.       3/30/2021  Complete.  ANL wil include on Mar report, LLNL work in progress. 
April  reports 4/15/2021  NV (4/6)      Open. 
Received Program Guidance funding memos for April.       4/9/2021  Complete.  All staff partially funded, except NV now fully funded.

Docket: 21-01-9516
Package Model: 9516
Request: Request for DOE CoC Amendment 

Received request.   9/29/2020   Request from ID (Carl Friesen) for simple amendment to DOE CoC 9516 for minor drawing/design changes
Docket opened.        10/1/2020 Complete. 
Received application from DOE-ID   11/13/2020      Complete.
Notified by INL of minor errors on drawings    11/19/2020      Will revise and resubmit application.
Received revised application from INL.    12/2/2020      Complete w/ID concurrence 12/7/2020. 
Received three minor comments from ANL.        2/9/2021  Complete, pending INL response.
Received revised application from INL.    2/11/2021      Received TEV-4119 Rev 2.
Received ANL TRR.        2/23/2021  Complete.  Draft SER 
Draft SER and CoC.      3/12/2021  4/6/2021  Complete.   Rough draft CoC sent to INL and SER sent to ANL 4/6/2021 for comment.  
Received comments.    4/6/2021    4/7/2021  Complete.  No comment from INL.  SER comment from ANL. 
Final SARP uploaded.    4/6/2021      Complete. 
ID concurrence with SARP.    4/8/2021      Complete. 
Disposition comments.      4/12/2021    Open.  Revised SER sent to ANL 4/9//2021. 

Docket: 21-02-9516
Package Model: 9516
Request: Request for DOE CoC Amendment  

Received request.   9/29/2020   Request from ID (Carl Friesen) for amendment to DOE CoC 9516 for three new content configurations for legacy PuO2 powder.  
Docket opened.        10/1/2020 Complete.   
Preapplication conference call    10/12/9516   10/12/9516 Gas-generation, HAC shielding, and Q-Cat and how the new containers are credited in the SARP structural evaluation noted as areas of concern.
Received the application from INL to ID    1/4/2021      Complete. 
Q0 memo issued.        1/11/2021  Complete, response due 2/15/2021. 
Q0 response submitted.    2/1/2021      Complete, response acceptable.
Review started.        2/22/2021.  Complete.  
Review completion target date from DOE PCP Manager.      4/16/2021    Target provided 3/1/2021. 
Q1-1 issued and resolved.    3/25/2021    3/25/2021  Complete. 

Docket: 21-03-9979
Package Model: 9979
Request: Request for DOE CoC Amendment 

Received request.   10/8/2020   Request from SR (Maxcine Maxted) for amendment to DOE CoC 9979 to authorize 882 g of Pu in special form.
Docket opened.        10/8/2020  Complete. 
Schedule pre-application meeting.     TBD    Docket on hold pending 19-06-9979. 

Docket: 21-05-9519
Package Model: SAFSHIELD 2999A
Request: Special Review 

Received request.   10/21/2020   Request from LANL to amend and renew A values for non-listed isotopes.
Docket opened.        10/21/2020  Complete.  
Request from LANL to add Ce-135 & La-135.   1/18/2021      Complete.
Received LANL Tech Report ESI-05.A.   2/4/2021       Complete.
Draft application for for DOT.       2/22/2021  Complete. Sent to LANL for comment.
LANL review and  comment.   2/22/2021      Complete.  No comments. 
Request submitted to DOT by DOE PCP Manager.     2/26/2021  2/22/2021  Complete.  Waiting on DOT acknowledgement.

Docket: 21-06-0000
Package Model: N/A
Request: Request for Technical Assistance Review of O460.2B

Received request.   10/22/2020   Request from DOE PCP Manager
Docket opened.        10/22/2020  Complete. 
DOE PCP comments sent.        10/28/2020  Complete.  Waiting on comment disposition. 

Docket: 21-16-9979
Package Model:9979
Request: Request for DOE CoC Amendment 

Received request.   1/26/2021   Request from SR (Maxcine Maxted) for CoC amendment for  to contents, packing material, void volume, and shipping window limits.
Docket opened.        1/26/2021  Complete. 
Pre-application meeting.      TBD    Waiting on 19-06-9979.

Docket: 21-18-9330
Package Model: ATR FFSC
Request: Request for NRC CoC Amendment

Request for new docket.   2/16/2021     Request from DOE-ID (Mike McAnulty) to amend NRC CoC for LEU research reactor fuels.
Docket opened.       2/17/2021  Complete.
Request for NRC pre-application meeting.       2/17/2021  Submitted to NRC by DOE PCP Manager. 
Pre-application video conference scheduled.        2/22/2021  Complete.  NRC scheduled pre-application conference call 3/11/2021. 
Received meeting presentation from Orano. 3/1/2021  3/4/2021      Complete.
Pre-application video conference.  3/11/2021  3/11/2021  3/11/2021  3/11/2021  Complete. 
SAR submittal to NRC.  5/21/2021        Open. 

Docket: 21-19-0821
Package Model: ATR FFSC
Request: Request for DOT CAC Amendment 

Request for new docket.   2/16/2021     Request from DOE-ID (Mike McAnulty) to amend DOT CAC for LEU research reactor fuels.
Docket opened.        2/17/2021  Complete.  Waiting on issuance of NRC CoC. 

Docket: 21-20-0000
Package Model: Type B
Request: Request for Technical Assistance 

Request for assistance.   3/1/2021     Request from State Dept. (D. Hirsh) for Type B package selection assistance.
Docket opened.       3/1/2021  Complete.
Request sent for content information.        3/3/2021  Complete.  Waiting on content info.

Docket: 21-21-0000
Package Model: Type A
Request: Request for DOT Special Permit 

Request for new docket.   3/9/2021     Request from RL (Brandon Reyes) for DOT SP for Hanford and PNNL shipments to/from Permafix NW. 
Docket opened.       3/9/2021  Complete.
Teams conference call.    3/10/2021    3/10/2021  Complete. 

Docket: 21-22-9975
Package Model:9975
Request: Request for DOE CoC Amendment 

Request for new docket.   3/23/2021     Request fromSR (Maxcine Maxted) for CoC amendment for Pu-Ga.  SARP Addendum included.
Docket opened.       3/23/2021  Complete.
Presentation submitted.    4/7/2021      Complete. 
Teams conference call.    not required    not required.  Complete.  Not required based on staff review of presentation. 

Docket: 21-23-9516
Package Model: 9516
Request: Request for DOE CoC Amendment 

Request for new docket.   3/24/2021     Request from ID  (Carl Firesen) for CoC amendment for Shipping Config. 3 change to Step 2 loading. 
Docket opened.       3/24/2021  Completed.
Presentation submitted.  4/2/2021  4/1/2021    4/1/2021  Complete.  Received draft 3/24/2021 and revised presentation 4/1/2021.
Teams conference call.    TBD    TBD  Complete.  Will schedule upon receipt of presentation. 
CoC issued      7/30/2021    Target date. 

Docket: 21-25-0000
Package Model: N/A
Request: Request for Techncial Assistance 

Request for new docket.   3/31/2021     Request from DOE PCP Manager for staff activity status.  Due by COB 4/11/2021. 
Docket opened.       3/31/2021  Completed.
Request sent to staff  
  4/1/2021  Complete. Input due 4/8/2021
Staff input to Docket Manager. 4/8/2021  3/31/2021 (ORNL) , 4/5/2021 (ANL, SNL, & SRNL), 4/7/2021 (LLNL & PNNL).

Report submitted to DOE PCP Manager.     4/9/2021  4/7/2021  Complete. 
Staff input to Docket Manager.  9/30/2021         Open.

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