Docket Timelines

as of June 15, 2018
Docket Actions Applicant DOE PCP and HCO Comments
Docket: 1​6-​4​5-​93​15
Package Name: ​​ES-3100
Request: Revision ​of DOE CoC for Extended Maintenance

Docket opened. 

NA-233 is the sponsor of this docket. Scope is to amend DOE CoC for SARP Rev 2 changes.
Received SARP from Y-12


Schedule Y-12 presentation of the SARP changes to ANL in October.
  10/13/2016      Meeting scheduled for 10/25.
Pre-review meeting with Y-12 at ANL.    10/25/2016    10/25/2016  Complete. 
Scope revised to review SARP for extended maintenance only.    11/1/2016      Complete.  Docket 17-05-9315 opened for content changes and revised shielding evaluation.
Applicant requested priority on Docket 17-05-9315.    3/20/2017      Complete. 
Applicant requested priority on Dockets 17-14-9315 and 17-36-9315.    5/24/2017      Complete. 
ANL review started.      10/9/2017,
4/2018  Tentative date(s). 
Q1s drafted.        5/7/2018  Complete. 
Q1s issued by PCP Manager.       5/16/2018  Complete. 
Response to Q1s.  6/15/2018,
      Requested response date 6/15/2018.  On 6/7/2018 Applicant requested delaying date to 6/29/2018 due to other priorities.  
Docket: 17-​1​1-​​9​975
Package Name: ​​9975
Request: Request to revise DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

SRNL (SR sponsor) revision for new internal shield design.
Received application.
Scheduled pre-application conference call.  3/14/2017    3/14/2017    Complete. Call canceled due to weather issues at ANL on 3/13.
Scheduled pre-application conference call.   4/12/2017    4/12/2017    Complete. 
Requested summary slides for the conference call.        3/31/2017  Complete. 
Submitted summary slides to PCP for conference call.  4/10/2017         Open action item.
Requested applicant's shielding input/output files.         4/7/2017   Complete. 
Submitted shielding i/o files to PCP.  4/14/2017  4/11/2017   
Preapplication conference call.   4/12/2017    4/12/2017  Complete. 
Review and concur conf. call summary notes.        4/13/2017  ANL concurred 4/13, waiting on applicant. 
Applicant concurred with the conference call summary notes.    4/17/2017      Complete. 
ANL review started.      9/5/2017,
3/5/2018  Review started week of 3/5/2018.
PCP Manager assigned docket the highest priority for  for PCP funded work.       1/10/2018  Complete.  Need FY18 budget approved to start the ANL review. 
Additional Chapter 5 i/o files.    3/21/2018    3/20/2018  Requested by ANL, received and sent by Docket Manager.  Complete. 
ANL identified editorial corrections needed in the application.        6/12/2018  Complete. 
Applicant provided draft page changes.    6/13/2018      Complete. 
Docket: 17-​1​​5-​​9​​979
Package Name:9979
Request: Request to revise DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

SR (sponsor) request 2to revise DOE CoC for LEU metal.
Received application.    3/15/2017      Complete. 
Requested applicant's shielding & criticality input/output files.          4/7/2017  Complete. 
Submitted shielding & criticality i/o files to PCP.   4/14/2017  4/10/2017      Complete.
Conference call with SRNL and PPPO to discuss review schedule.    6/1/2017    6/1/2017  Complete. 
ANL review started.      8/21/2017,
11/1​3/2017  Tentative date pending analyst availability.  ANL reported 10/18/2017 the contract was expired and a new contract was not authorized.
Received page change from applicant to correct an error on page 1-11.    11/15/2017      Complete. 
Received page change from applicant to clarify U-238 limit on page 1-11, and received interim drawings between SARP Rev 4 and Rev 5.    11/30/2017      Complete. 
Received TRR 11/30/2017 from ANL.        11/30/2017  Complete. 
Draft SER sent to ANL for comment or concurrence.        12/15/2017 12/13/2017  Complete.  Sent to ANL 12/13 for review.
Request CoC mark-up from the applicant.  12/20/2017 1/5/2018      Sent to Applicant 12/15. 
Received draft SER concurrence, with comments, from ANL.         1/5/2018  Comments accepted. 
Draft CoC and revised draft SER sent to ANL and draft CoC sent to applicant for concurrence.         1/5/2018  Complete. 
Applicant concurred without comment on draft CoC.    1/9/2018      Complete.
Received advanced copy of consolidated SARP.    2/7/2018      Complete.  Waiting on DOE-SR formal transmittal. 
Received formal copy of consolidated SARP.    3/12/2018 (dated 3/9/2018)      Complete. 
Requested additional information from ANL and applicant with respect to 5% gas generation.        3/14/2018  Waiting on formal response from applicant. 
Received advanced copy of gas generation calculation memo.    3/21/2018    3/21/2018  Comments sent to applicant by the Docket Manager. 
Received Rev 1 advanced copy of gas generation calculation memo.      3/22/2018    3/22/2018  Complete.  Waiting on ANL review. 
Received Rev 2 of the gas generation calc. memo.    4/16/2018      Complete. 
Calc memo sent to ANL for review.        4/17/2018  Complete.  
ANL comment sent to SRNL for response.        4/20/2018  Complete. 
SRNL response.    4/23/2018      Complete. 
Received ANL confirmatory calculation.        4/24/2018  Complete. 
Q1 sent to PCP Manager for issuance.        4/26/2018  Complete. 
Q1 issued.       4/27/2018  Complete.  Response requested by 5/11/2018. 
Received formal calc. in response to Q1s.    5/10/2018      Complete. 
Conference call with Applicant & ANL Review Team    5/17/2018    5/17/2018  Complete. 
Applicant concurred with conference call summary notes.    5/21/2018      Complete. 
Submittal of SARP page changes and revised calculation.  5/25/2018  5/31/2018      Complete. 
Docket: 17-​​20-​​9979
Package Name: 9979
Request: Request for Letter Amendment to DOE CoC

Docket opened. 

Request by SRNL (SR sponsor) to amend DOE to authorize shipment of LEU that exceeds the CoC limit.
Submit application to PCP 5/8/2017,
4/3/2018​   Received advanced copy of the application on 3/14/2018.  Waiting on SR sbmission.  Complete 4/3/2018.
Application sent to ANL.        4/10/2018  Complete.  This docket is the 3rd 9979 priority for ANL. 
Docket: 17-​​​32-9975
Package Name: ​​​9975
Request: Suspend LANL User Status for DOE CoCs (CoC violation)

Docket opened. 
6/21/2017   6/21/2017 Report of Notice of Violation with Condition 8 of the CoC.
Drafted letter for HCO to suspend LANL's registered user status.        6/23/2017  Complete. 
HCO to issue suspension letter to LANL.    6/23/2017  6/26/2017  Complete. 
Received proposed corrective action plan from HCO for review.        11/14/2017  Complete. 
Submitted comments to the HCO on the proposed  corrective action plan.       11/14/2017  Complete. 
Received request from NNSA OPT to review reinstatement document package for NA-LA/LANL    3/1/2018  3/9/2018  3/6/2018  PCP Manager comment sent to NNSA OPT.   
Received additional documents from the HCO for review.         3/15/2018  Complete. 
Submitted comments to the PCP Manager on the additional proposed  corrective action plan documents.        3/21/2018  Complete. 
HCO submitted comments to NNSA CO.        3/26/2018  Complete. 
Received latest NNSA document package and NNSA OPT response to HCO comments.   4/26/2018      Complete. 
Received NNSA assessment report draft.    5/7/2018      Complete. 
Comments sent to PCP Manager from review of NNSA assessment report.        5/13/2018  Complete. 
NNSA assessment report issued.     5/11/2018     Received 5/14/2018. 
Docket: 17-​​​​43-​9601
Package Name: ​​​​​CASTOR
Request: Technical Support for Alternate Leak Test Presentation to DOT. 

Docket opened. 

  8/3/2017 Request to provide DOT with GNS presentation and documents.
GNS documents downloaded and sent to DOT.       ​8/3/2017  Complete.
Conference call invitations sent by GNS.    10/13/2017      Complete. 
Conference call with GNS to present alternate approach to DOT, NRC, PCP, and LLNL.  10/17/2017   10/17/2017 10/17/2017  10/17/2017  Scheduled date.  Complete.
Draft meeting minutes issued and routed for comment.        10/26/2017  Comment requested by 11/3/2017. 
Meeting minute comments from DOE/DOT/NRC sent to GNS.        11/14/2017  Complete. 
Final meeting minutes issued by GNS and distributed to DOT and LLNL.    12/5/2017       Complete.
Submittal plan developed by Docket Manager and LLNL submitted to PCP Manager.        2/23/2018  Complete.
PCP Manager sent submittal plan to GNS.        2/26/2018  Complete. 
Status request from DOT.         3/23/2018 In the final meeting minutes, GNS intended to submit their application by the end of the 1st quarter (3/30).  Docket Manager informed DOT on 3/23/2018 not to expect submittal of the application until the end of the 2nd quarter (6/30) at the earliest. 
Docket: 17-​​​​46-0000
Package Name: ​​​​​​N/A
Request: Technical Support for Contractor Support Requirements 

Docket opened. 
8/8/2017   8/8/2017 Request from EM-4 to provide scope and skill-set of PCP staff support.
EM-4 form sent to PCP Manager.       ​8/11/2017  Complete.
Sent additional docket data to PCP Manager.        8/24/2017  Complete.
Sent customer base and scope to PCP Manager        8/31/2017  Complete.
Sent itemized scope draft to staff for PCP Manager.         9/15/2017  Complete. 
Received itemized scope.    9/18/2017      Complete. 
Sent labor & budget scope to staff.       9/19/2017  Complete. 
Received labor & budget scope.    9/22/2017      Received SRNL: waiting on others.
Sent 45-Day Memo for EM4-24-02 to HQ.        9/22/2017  Complete. 
Revised scope\ approved by the PCP Manager and sent to staff.        10/4/2017  Complete. 
Reminder sent by Docket Manager        11/1/2017  Complete. 
1st reports for October received.   11/15/2017 11/1/2017 (NSTec),
11/7/2017 (ORNL), 11/10/2017 (SNL), 11/14/2017 (ANL), 11/15/2017 (LLNL & PNNL). 
    Staff reports due. SRNL delinquent.
October report submitted to PCP Manager.        11/16/2017  Complete. 
SRNL report received.     11/17/2017     Complete. 
Revised report submitted to PCP Manager.         11/17/2017  October complete. 
Revised spreadsheet for November input sent to staff.    12/7/2017 (ORNL),
12/8/2017 (Sandia) 
  11/20/2017  Complete. 
November reports received.   12/15/2017 12/7/2017 (ORNL),
12/8/2017 (Sandia)
12/13/2017 (SRNL)
12/15/2017 (LLNL, NSTec, and PNNL)
12/15/2017 (ANL) 
November report submitted to PCP Manager.         12/15/2017  Complete. 
December reports received.  1/15/2018  1/11/2018 (PNNL, SRNL, ORNL, Nevada, SNL), 1/12/2018 (LLNL), 1/16/2018 (ANL)      Complete.
December report submitted to PCP Manager.          1/16/2018  Complete. 
Revised December report submitted to PCP Manager.        1/22/2018  Complete.  
January reports received.  2/15/2018  2/5/2018 (ORNL),
2/13/2018 (SNL & SRNL), 2/16/2018 (LLNL & PNNL), 2/21/2018 (ANL), and 2/23/2018 (PNNL) 
January report submitted to PCP Manager.           2/26/2018  Complete. 
Revised spreadsheets sent to package review teams.        3/6/2018  Complete. 
February reports received.     3/8/2018 (ORNL),
3/12/2018 (SNL), 3/13/2018 (SRNL), 3/14/2018 (PNNL), 3/15/2018 (NV & LLNL), and 3/27/2018 (ANL).
    Open item.  Waiting on ANL.
February report submitted to PCP Manager.            3/28/2018  Complete. 
March reports received.    4/11/2018 (PNNL), 4/12/2018 (NV & SRNL),
4/13/2018 (SNL),
4/15/2018 (LLNL),
4/17/2018 (ORNL), and 
 4/27/2018 (ANL).
March report submitted to PCP Manager.        4/27/2018  Complete. 
April reports received    5/10/2018 (SRNL),
5/15/2018 (PNNL & SNL),
5/17/2018 (LLNL),
5/23/2018 (NV)
5/31/2018 (ORNL) 
    Waiting on ANL. 
April report submitted to PCP Manager.         5/31/2018  Complete (less ANL report). 
April reports received.     5/24/2018 (SNL)       
Received ANL April report.    6/4/2018      Report delayed due to organization changes at ANL. 
Revised April report submitted to PCP Manager.        6/8/2018  Complete. 
May reports received.    5/24/2018 (SNL), 6/11/2018 (SRNL), 6/12/2018 (ORNL), and 6/13/2018 (NV).      Waiting on ANL and LLNL. 
Docket: 18-​1​5-9979
Package Name: ​9979
Request: Limited Shipment Authorization for LANL

Docket opened. 

Request to authorize LANL shipment whilst they develop a corrective action plan per Docket 17-32-9975.
Received request from LAFO.   12/11/2017      ​ Complete. 
HCO approval memo issued.        12/14/2017  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​18-0000
Package Name: ​N/A
Request: ​Request for Technical Assistance with DOT

Docket opened. 

Request from NPO for assistance with DOT.
Received request letter from National Nuclear Security Administration
Production Office (NPO)
  12/21/2017     Complete. 
Requested public release review of the documents by NPO.        12/27/2017 and 1/3/2018  Complete. 
Received document for public release.    1/16/2018      Complete. 
Request submitted by DOE to DOT.        1/16/2018  Complete. 
Status update: DOT drafting letter of interpretation.        3/8/2018  Complete.  Applicant notified. 
Docket: 18-​22-9204
Package Name: ​10-160B
Request: Request to Amend DOE CoC 9204 for New Contents

Docket opened. 

Request to amend DOE CoC for for IBL 437C Blood Irradiators with activity up to 5100 Ci of Cs-137.
Received request from DOE-ID.   1/24/2018      ​ Complete. 
Pre-application meeting.  1/29/2018    1/29/2018  Complete. 
Notified applicant, per PCP Manager that they'll need to translate the French SFC in English.        3/7/2018  Complete. 
Received application.   7/9/2018        
Docket: 18-​24-9315
Package Name: ​ES-3100
Request: Limited Shipment Authorization for LANL

Docket opened. 

Request to authorize LANL shipment whilst they develop a corrective action plan per Docket 17-32-9975.
Received request from LAFO.   1/26/2018     ​ Complete. 
Routed HCO approval memo to HQ.         1/29/2018  Complete. 
HCO approval memo issued.        2/2/2018  Complete. 
Shipment.    5/7/2018      Complete.  HCO notified 6/14/2018. 
Docket: 18-​25-9516
Package Name: ​9516
Request: Limited Shipment Authorization for LANL

Docket opened. 

Request to authorize LANL shipments whilst they develop a corrective action plan per Docket 17-32-9975.
Received request from LAFO.   1/26/2018      ​ Complete. 
Routed HCO approval memo to HQ.         1/29/2018  Complete. 
HCO approval memo issued.        2/2/2018  Complete. 
Shipment.    4/4/2018      Complete.  HCO notified 6/14/2018.  
Docket: 18-​2​9-0000
Package Name: Various WIPP Packages
Request: Notice of non-compliance with DOE Order 460.1D  

HCO notification to CBFO.
    2/22/2018​ Notification on non-compliance with CBFO contactors with DOE Order 460.1D user and QAP requirements.
Docket opened       2/​22/2018 Complete. 
Docket: 18-​​30-9975
Package Name: ​​9975
Request: Request for DOE CoC Renewal 

SR request to renew DOE CoC 9975.
3/8/2018   Request from SR to renew DOE CoC.  
Docket opened       3/8/2018 Complete. 
Draft CoC sent to applicant for review.        4/20/2018  Complete. 
Received applicant's comments.    5/22/2018      Complete. 
Revised draft CoC sent to applicant for review.         5/24/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​31-​9979
Package Name: ​​​9979
Request: Limited Use Authorization

LAFO request to use the 9979 for storage of LLW.
3/8/2018   Request from LAFO to authorize use of 9979 packagings for storage of Low Level Waste.
Docket opened.       ​3/8/2018 Complete. 
Received ANL confirmatory review to establish storage duration.       4/24/2018  Complete. 
Draft memo and review sent to PCP Manager.        4/24/2018  Complete.  Waiting on HCO to sign. 
Memo and attachment signed by HCO for issuance.        4/26/2018  Complete. 
Corrected and resent attachment.         4/27/2018  Complete. 
PCP Manager conference call with NNSS.        5/4/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​32-​9981
Package Name: ​​​​9981
Request:Certify New Type A Fissile Package Design

Received request and SARP from DOE-SR
3/9/2018   Request SR to certify new Type A fissile package.
Docket opened       ​3/9/2018 Complete. 
Docket assigned to LLNL by PCP Manager.        3/12/2018  Complete. 
Review started.        5/10/2018  Complete. 
Request for additional documents/references.        6/13/2018  Complete. 
Received additional documents/references.      6/13/2018     Complete. 
Q1s issued      6/15/2018,
  Target date. 
Docket: 18-​3​​3-​​0000
Package Name: ​​​​Various
Request:Technical Assistance to Evaluate Package Options for SR Canisters

Received request from PCP Manager
3/22/2018   Request to update package options from Docker 17-45-0000.
Docket opened       ​3/22/2018 Complete. 
Draft sent to PCP Manager for review.       3/23/2018 Complete.
Package contacts and review estimate sent to PCP Manager.        6/13/2018   
Docket: 18-​35-9979
Package Name: ​​​​9979
Request: Request to Amend DOE CoC to Authorize TRISO Fuel

Received request from SR
4/3/2018   Request to authorize TRISO fuel.
Docket opened.       ​4/3/2018 Complete. 
Application sent to ANL.       4/10/2018  Complete.  This docket is the 2nd 9979 priority for ANL.  
Draft Q0s sent to ANL for concurrence.        4/18/2018  Complete. 
ANL concurred with Q0s.        4/18/2018  Complete. 
Draft memo & Q0s sent to PCP Manager.        4/24/2018  Complete. 
Q0s issued.        4/24/2018.  Complete.  Response requested by 5/18/2018. 
Conference call to discuss proposed responses.    5/17/2018    5/17/2018  Complete. 
Applicant concurred with conference call summary notes.     5/21/2018      Complete. 
Submittal of Q0 responses.  5/25/2018        Target date. 
Docket: 18-​​​38-​9516
Package Name: ​​9516
Request: Request for Amend DOE CoC 9516 

Docket opened
    5/2/2018​ Request from ID to amend DOE CoC to authorize design change to convenience can lid.
Sent application to ANL for review        5/2/2018  Complete. 
Docket: 18-​​​3​9-​0000
Package Name: ​​​N/A
Request: Request for Renewal of DOT SP 14283 

Docket opened
    5/9/2018​ Request from UTMRA to renew DOT SP.
Received application for DOT review.        5/9/2018  Complete. 
Submitted draft memo and application to PCP Manager and applicant for comment or concurrence.    5/24/2018    5/24/2018  Complete. 
Submitted application to DOT Special Permits account.        5/24/2018  Complete. 
Received acknowledge from DOT of receipt of renewal request.    6/7/2018    6/7/2018   Complete.
DOE response      9/30/2018    Tentative date. 
Docket: 18-40-​​9519
Package Name: SafeShield 2999A
Request: Limited Shipment Authorization for LANL

Docket opened. 
5/19/2018   ​5/19/2018 Request to authorize LANL shipments whilst they develop a corrective action plan per Docket 17-32-9975.
Routed HCO approval memo to HQ.          5/22/2018.  Complete. 
HCO approval memo issued.       6/1/2018  5/30/2018  Complete. 

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