DOE SARP Completeness Guide

This Checklist is a tool for assisting both applicants and reviewers in determining whether a SARP is complete and contains all required information. Applicant instructions are included within the Checklist.

  • SARP Submittal:
    The Applicant must document SARP completeness via the 2007 checklist.
2007 SARP-Completeness Checklist (Revision 1, March 14, 2007)
a zip file containing separate MS-Word data-entry forms for each chapter)
  • Submittal of technical support for a Letter Amendment to an existing Certificate of Compliance:
    The Applicant does not need to include the Checklist with his submittal.  However, the Applicant may develop and submit a Checklist to help ensure completeness and to expedite the review process.

Note: the Checklist does not ensure that the SARP documentation is accurate, nor does it obviate the need for a thorough, independent technical review and/or confirmatory analysis.  Review the SARP Submittal Guidelines prior to submittal.

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