SARP Submittal Guidelines (updated 8/5/2021)

  • Contact the Docket Manager (803-645-3490 or to open an account for uploading SARP electronic files and references to the docket folder.
  • The SARP Completeness Checklist is only required for new SARPs or complex SARP revisions.  In lieu of the completeness checklist, for SARP revisions or supplements to amend a CoC the submittal should include an assessment that identifies the changes to the SARP and/or CoC, the reason for the changes, and the basis for demonstrating that the changes continue to meet the applicable requirements of 10 CFR 71 for approval of the package design. The assessment may be included in the body of the SARP (e.g., revision history) or as a reference in Chapter 1 of the SARP. 
  • Scanned text files (image files) are prohibited.  Text files should be converted from their native format (e.g., MS-Word) to portable document format (pdf), or converted to pdf using an optical character recognition reader (ocr), or equivalent resulting in searchable pdf files.
  • Drawings, diagrams, photographs, etc. must be of sufficient quality that each is clear and legible, and at least 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) resolution.
  • Engineering drawings for package certification should be included as an appendix in SARP Chapter 1. The package design defined by these drawings is specified as a condition of approval in the certificate of compliance. See Engineering Drawings for 10 CFR Part 71 Package Approvals, NUREG/CR-5502, for guidance on the level of detail for engineering drawings vs. fabrication drawings.
  • Reports, specifications, calculations, input/output files, etc. that have their own document number, revision, date, etc. (except for Engineering drawings) should be listed as references in the SARP, but not included as appendices within SARP.
  • It is also recommended that any important references that are not readily available to the reviewers be submitted along with the SARP.  Be prepared to submit any additional references promptly upon request.
  • Contact the Docket Manager or DOE PCP Manager (Dr. James M. Shuler, 301-903-5513 or if you have any questions or need additional information or assistance.

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