SARP Submittal Guidelines

  • Each copy of the SARP and SARP Completeness Checklist shall be submitted bound in three-ring binders and double-sided pages.
  • Photocopies must be of sufficient quality that each page of each copy is clear and legible.
  • Drawings and diagrams, in particular, must be clear and sharp enough that the necessary level of detail can be discerned.
  • Use caution when attempting to make black-and-white photocopies of color originals (such as charts and figures output from finite element analysis software), as valuable information can be lost or obscured.  In such cases, it is usually preferable to include the color output in each copy of the SARP.
  • An electronic version of the SARP and supporting documentation shall be submitted, in pdf, along with the paper copies.
  • It is also recommended that any important references that are not readily available to the reviewers be submitted along with the SARPs.  Be prepared to submit any additional references promptly upon request.
  • Submittals should be sent via express mail so that deliveries can be tracked and that the submittals will arrive in a timely manner.  Please do not use standard mail for submittals


Document Forms and Number of Copies to be Submitted:

Submittal Form Manager
DOE Packaging Certification Program
c/o Docket Manager
SARP Review Team
(bound hardcopy, double sided pages)
1 copy 8 copies
(electronic version)
Completeness Checklist
1 copy 1 copy
Full-sized engineering drawings --- 1 set
Ancillary documentation, including references (if any) 1 copy 1 copy


Submittal Mailing Addresses:

DOE Packaging Certification Program:

Dr. James M. Shuler
Manager, DOE Packaging Certification Program
U.S. Department of Energy
c/o L.F. Gelder
Savannah River Research Campus
227 Gateway Drive, Rm 310
Aiken, SC  29803

Docket Manager:
    Lawrence F. Gelder
    Savannah River Research Campus
    227 Gateway Drive, Rm 310
    Aiken, SC 29803
    (803) ​645-3490 (mobile)
ANL SARP Review Team:
    Yung Liu
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Bldg. 221/D-146
    9700 S. Cass Ave.
    Argonne, IL  60439
    (630) 252-5127
LLNL SARP Review Team:
    Brian L. Anderson
    Associate Program Leader
    Nuclear Material Packaging and Transportation
    7000 East Avenue, L-184
    Livermore, CA  94550
    (925) 422-2685
ORNL SARP Review Team:
    Matt R. Feldman, P.E.
    ORNL Transportation Technologies Group
    National Transportation Research Center
    2360 Cherahala Blvd.
    Knoxville, TN 37932
    (865) 946-1291 (office)
    (865) 254-9341 (mobile)
SNL SARP Review Team:
    William D. Morse
    Sandia National Laboratories
    821/3034, MS0783
    PO Box 5800
    Albuquerque, NM 87185-0783
    (505) 845-9696
SRNL SARP Review Team:
    Robert W. Watkins
    Savannah River National Laboratory
    Building 730-A, #122 
    SC Highway 125
    Aiken, SC  29808
    (803) 725-0703 (office)
    (803) 507-1644 (mobile)

Office of Environmental Management

1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington DC 20585

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