Payment for All DOE SARP Reviews

Effective immediately, as approved by the Headquarters Certifying Official, all SARP applications and reviews conducted by the DOE Packaging Certification Program (PCP), require funding for services, prior to start of the review. All PSOs must provide funding for each SARP review. For EM Field Offices, there should not be any additional taxing to the EM field offices unless SARP work is outside of their baseline that was submitted to PCP and approved by the CCB. However, the EM Field Offices may directly request funding going directly to PCP through the CCB on a project basis. Additional SARP scope from EM field offices should go thru the CCB.

Funding for SARP applications and reviews, including addendum, revisions, etc., shall be FINed to the appropriate National Laboratory as directed by the Packaging Certification Program Manager. A statement to this effect shall be submitted to PCP in the application for SARP review or by memo. No work will be conducted on the SARP until funding is received by the National Laboratory.  If the cost of the review exceeds the authorized FINed amount, then all work will stop until additional funding is received by the National Laboratory. If the National Laboratory does not require (i.e., use) all of the funding to complete work on the review, the applicant may recover the unused portion of their funding.

Funding from commercial applicants (i.e., not DOE or DOE Contractors) shall be provided to the SARP Review Team (SRT) designated by the DOE PCP Manager.  The applicant will need to contact the SRT Manager for the method/process and conditions to provide funding.

To further discuss funding requirements and cost estimates for SARP applications, reviews, and additional work from DOE PCP, please call or email:

Dr. James M. Shuler,
Manager, DOE Packaging Certification Program
(301) 903-5513

Office of Environmental Management

1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington DC 20585

Federal Government