Fabrication Notification for DOE Packagings

Protocol for First Fabrication of First Packaging under a DOE CoC

DOE Order 460.1D Hazardous Materials Packaging and Transportation Safety, CRD Attachment 1, Step 3.d. includes a requirement for a new Type B or fissile material packaging to comply with the requirements of with 10 CFR 71, Subpart G.  As it applies to DOE, 10 CFR 71.93(c) requires advance notification to theCertifying Official of the first fabrication of the first packaging under a DOE CoC.  Below is the protocol for implementing the notification requirement. 

Each contractor shall notify the Manager of the DOE Packaging Certification Program (PCP), in writing, 45 days in advance of starting fabrication of the first packaging under a DOE CoC.  The person shall submit a notification to:

Dr. James M. Shuler
Manager, DOE Packaging Certification Program
U.S. Department of Energy
c/o L.F. Gelder
Savannah River Research Campus
227 Gateway Drive, Rm 310
Aiken, SC 29803

Notification shall include:

  • the person's name,
  • title,
  • registrant status, i.e., certificate holder or user
  • affiliation,
  • company address,
  • telephone and fax numbers,
  • e-mail address (if available),
  • the package identification number specified in the US DOE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE for radioactive materials packages.

Background and Analysis

DOE Order 460.1D requires ..."For a new DOE ... Type B or fissile materialpackaging, each entity must ... demonstrate that the packaging meets the requirements of 10 CFR Part 71, Subparts E, F, G and H. and any other applicable standards for certification prior to use." The requirements in Subpart Ginclude 10 CFR 71.93(c):

The Certificate holder and applicant for a CoC shall notify the NRC, in accordance with §71.1, 45 days in advance of starting fabrication of the first packaging under a CoC.  This paragraph applies to any packaging used for the shipment of licensed material which has either--
(1) A decay heat load in excess of 5 kW; or
(2) A maximum normal operating pressure in excess of 103 kPa (15 lb/in2) gauge. 

The DOE protocol for first fabrication notification implements the requirements of 10 CFR 71.93(c); however, the DOE contractor is required to notify the DOE, not the NRC.

Updated February 1, 2018

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