Non-Certified Packaging

DOT 7A Type A Documents

Appendix A,  DOT-7A Type A Packaging Qualification Checklist
  • HNF-8049, Revision 0,  Methodology for Identification of Testing to Conduct on Type A and Industrial Packagings, dated November 27, 2000
  • DOE/RL-96-57, Revision 0 Test and Evaluation Document for DOT Specification 7A Type A Packaging,  Volumes 1 and 2, dated 1996 (known initially as the "Red Book," then "Blue Book" and most recently as the "White Book")

DOT 6M Approval Documents


  1. Memorandum, McCormick, RFFO, to Wangler, EM-70, Request for Approval to Use the Department of Transportation 6M Container to Ship Scrub Alloy Metal, dated January 5, 1999

  2. Memorandum, Hicks, RFFO, to Wangler, EM-70, Request for Approval to Use the DOT 6M Container for Shipment of Plutonium Metal, dated August 19, 1999

  3. E-mail, Hicks, RFFO, to Wangler, EM-70, Approval of 6M Package for Metals and Metal Alloys, dated September 10, 1999

  4. Final Report from the Container Weld Advisory Committee, dated May 1989 (weld integrity test characteristics are addressed in Appendix B)

  • SAND88-3005,  A Review of the Safety Features of 6M Packagings for DOE Programs, dated December 1988 [6-MB file]

Historic Documents

  • MLM-3245 Add. 1,  DOE Evaluation Document for DOT 7A Type A Packaging, dated March 1987 [9-MB file]

  • DP-1292,  Drum and Board-Type Insulation Overpacks of Shipping Packages for Radioactive Materials, Author: E. E. Lewallen, dated July 1972 [5-MB file]

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