Dec 17, 2021, 13:35 PM
OPTIMUS®-L: This Type B fissile package is designed for Low activity contents (OPTIMUS®-L) for domestic transport by truck. The package is shipped exclusive use in a vertical orientation. The packaging consists of a Cask Containment Vessel (CCV), a CCV bottom support plate, and an Outer Packaging (OP) assembly. A Shield Insert Assembly (SIA) may be included inside the CCV for contents that require additional shielding. The cavity of the CCV is of 32.5 inches in diameter and 47 inches long. The OP outer diameter (excluding tiedown arms) is 49 inches and the outer height (excluding lifting lugs) is 70 inches. The maximum weight of the contents (including the CCV bottom support plate, SIA, dunnage or shoring) is 3,500 lbs. and the maximum gross weight of the package is approximately 9,200 lbs. Maximum decay heat is 50 watts.
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