Jul 17, 2015, 00:40 AM
RAJ-II: The RAJ-II package is a rectangular box that is 742 mm (29.21 in) high by 720 mm (28.35 in) wide by 5,068 mm (199.53 in) long to transport a maximum of two Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) fuel assemblies or individual rods that meet the ASTM C996-96 standard of enriched commercial grade uranium or enriched reprocessed uranium. It is comprised of one inner container and one outer container both made of stainless steel. The inner container is comprised of a double-wall stainless steel sheet structure with alumina silicate thermal insulator filling the gap between the two walls to reduce the flow of the heat into the contents in the event of a fire. Foam polyethylene cushioning material is placed on the inside of the inner container for protection of the fuel assembly. The outer container is comprised of a stainless steel angular framework covered with stainless steel plates. Inner container clamps are installed inside the outer container with a vibro-isolating device between to alleviate vibration occurring during transportation. Wood and honeycomb resin impregnated kraft paper are placed as shock absorbers to reduce shock in the event of a drop of the package. The fuel rod clad and ceramic nature of the fuel pellets provide primary containment of the radioactive material.
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