Jul 17, 2015, 00:40 AM
The package is cylindrical, steel-encased, lead filled, weldments consisting of two main units, the biological shield and a movable rotor. The main biological shield has a 5/8-inch outer carbon steel wall and a 3/8-inch thick inner stainless steel wall. A stationary center core is part of the main shield and constructed of 3/8-inch thick stainless steel material. The movable rotor unit contains three specimen chambers spaced 120 degrees apart. It consists of a 3/8-inch thick stainless steel housing filled with lead and rotates around the center core. Within the main shield are three line sources, located 120 degrees apart about the center of the irradiation position. The package is 36-1/2 inches in diameter by·40 inches long.
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USA/9013/B() (DOE)
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