DOE CoC Renewal Guidance

  1. The NRC CoC requirements are in 10 CFR 71.38, Renewal of a certificate of compliance or quality assurance program approval.

    1. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, each Certificate of Compliance or Quality Assurance Program Approval expires at the end of the day, in the month and year stated in the approval.
    2. In any case in which a person, not less than 30 days before the expiration of an existing Certificate of Compliance or Quality Assurance Program Approval issued pursuant to the part, has filed an application in proper form for renewal of either of those approvals, the existing Certificate of Compliance or Quality Assurance Program Approval for which the renewal application was filed shall not be deemed to have expired until final action on the application for renewal has been taken by the Commission.
    3. In applying for renewal of an existing Certificate of Compliance or Quality Assurance Program Approval, an applicant may be required to submit a consolidated application that incorporates all changes to its program that, are incorporated by reference in the existing approval or certificate, into as few referenceable documents as reasonably achievable.

  2. DOE implements these requirements in the the Guide to DOE Order 460.1-1External Link  This guide is out of date, but still useful.  DOE CoC renewals are addressed in Section 4.3.4 of the Guide and listed below.  Note - comments in brackets are included to assist the preparer of the renewal request.

    Section 4.3.4:  Renewal of DOE Certificates of Compliance.  DOE certificates are issued for a specified period of time [typically 5 years].   To qualify for use under "timely renewal" application, the contractor requesting the renewal should submit documentation to the Headquarters Certifying Official, through the appropriate field office, justifying renewal of the certificate.  Such documentation should include (but not limited to):

    1. The necessity for renewing the certificate; [why you need it]
    2. That the SARP has been reviewed and complies with applicable requirements and standards; and [Packaging and SARP still comply with 10 CFR Part 71]
    3. A summary of the history of past usage.  [comment on the usage with respect to safety compliance with the SARP and CoC]

  3. Documentation should be received by headquarters a minimum of 90 days prior to expiration of the certificate.

  4. The "Timely Renewal" status will be posted on the RAMPAC Certificate page.  A registered user may ship under under an expired certificate if it is posted on RAMPAC as under "Timely Renewal".

  5. Program or Field/Site Office may attach the formal request (in pdf) to email and send it to the PCP Manager or mail the request to

    Dr. James M. Shuler
    Manager, DOE Packaging Certification Program
    U.S. Department of Energy
    c/o L.F. Gelder
    Savannah River Research Campus
    227 Gateway Drive, Rm 310
    Aiken, SC 29803

Office of Environmental Management

1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington DC 20585

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