ALERT: Please read:  Due to indeterminate quality concerns with RADCALC, use of this software for DOE Certificate applications must include verification and validation documentation of RADCALC results.

Welcome to RAMPAC, the US Department of Energy's all-in-one source for information on RAdioactive Materials PACkages certifed by the DOE, NRC, and DOT.  RAMPAC includes up to date information regarding:
  • Tracking and Monitoring Technology
    • ARG-US - A remote tracking and monitoring system for packages
      • Evigia Systems, Inc. - Technology transfer and licensing agreement with Evigia Systems, Inc. for sale of ARG-US
    • RAMM - Remote Area Modular Monitor for nuclear and spent fuel storage facilities
    • CommBox - All-in-one robust, compact - GSM/GPS module, Qualcomm gear, reader, and disposable batteries
    • SAV-EM - Rapid Deployable Global Sensing Hazard Alert System
    • InPAC - Internal Package sensor technology for monitoring package environments
    • Related Papers and Links

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